Friday, February 1, 2013

Month Two of the Happiness Project: Time to be Healthy

(This picture's from my dad's backyard. I'm going to be getting out a lot more this month.)

February: Month 2
Theme: Health

Main goal: To increase my physical fitness and boost my energy.

Individual resolutions:
  • Exercise thirty minutes a day, five days a week.
  • Eat at least three servings of fruit a day.
  • Eat at least three servings of vegetables a day.
  • Limit my candy intake to one piece a week.
  • Limit my cookie/baked sweet intake to three pieces a week.
  • Schedule a doctor's appointment to get all my moles checked out. (I have a lot. It's a Smith gene.)
  • Wear sunscreen (on face and arms & legs) every day.
  • Schedule a dentist appointment.
  • Go to sleep early.

I know that exercising thirty minutes a day, five days a week might seem like a lot to jump into, but I think it'll be the best strategy for me. Whenever I try exercising three times a week (or every other day, or something like that), it just doesn't work. I always manage to push it off "until tomorrow." But this way, there is no tomorrow. I have to exercise every week day - no excuses. That's why I think that making it every day will be more effective than only some days.

Increasing my fruit and vegetable intake - no real explanation needed. Once I get that down, I'll work on other dietary categories (fish, grains, etc.)

Limiting my candy and sweet intake - ooh. This is going to be hard. I love sweets. A lot. A lot a lot. I think I'm going to be having some sugar withdrawals for the first couple days weeks.

The mole thing - I have a lot of moles. Every one on my dad's side of the family does. Most of mine are normal, but some have grown over the years, and it'd probably be best to get them checked out. I have had to get a mole removed before, for showing pre-cancer signs. But getting them all checked out is such a pain, and seems like it can wait - but I'm going to do it. Health!

About the sunscreen - I want to prevent skin damage. I was watching some health program sometime and they showed side-by-side pictures of people's faces taken in special lighting. On one side the face looked normal, and on the other side (in the picture taken with a uv filter) the same face showed incredible amounts of sun damage. (Like this picture, or this one.) It really made an impression on me, I guess. What you see on the surface might not be what's underneath. Protect your skin! Wear sunscreen.

The dentist appointment I need to make - I haven't had one in a while, and need a check up.

And finally - sleep. Man, I need more sleep. We all need more sleep. A big part of my problem is that I love staying up late and getting stuff done I can't do when Ellie's awake. But I need to make sleep my first priority. Enough sleep = energy = more happiness. And that's what this is all about.

So those are my February resolutions!

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  1. yay! These are almost identical to mine! Mine are exercising everyday, eating heathier (I've made a separate chart with 3 vegetables and 2 fruits a day that I can check off...I usually end up eating more than 2 fruits a day and those aren't hard for's the dang veggies. Plus a box for getting enough water. Then I made a list of healthy snack ideas because when I'm hungry or snacky I always go for crackers or granola bars and stuff like that and while they aren't necessarily bad for me, they also aren't good for me and then I fill up on those and never eat the healthy stuff. So I'm limiting myself to 1 cracker type thing a day), and moisturizing everyday. I've always been terrible at putting lotion on my face and I'm already getting prominent wrinkles, plus I love when I remember to use moisturizer...I just usually forget. Yay! We should talk more this month and help each other. I know I do a lot better with this kind of stuff when I talk to others about it. What are you planning to do for exercising?


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