Monday, February 11, 2013

Free glasses from Firmoo

About a month ago I received an email from a company called, asking me if I would like a pair of free eyeglasses in exchange for a review on my blog. As glasses are usually expensive and Ellie is a little ball of destruction (and especially loves playing with glasses), I said yes!

They sent me a link to their website where I could pick out a free pair of glasses, and after looking at all the free options, I chose this pair: #LYST5110. I ordered it using the prescription from my last optometrist appointment (I called the place I went to to get it, and they still had it on file). After I chose these frames and went through the process on the website, the customer service guy I'd been emailing with emailed me to confirm my prescription, and then they were officially ordered!

I was very excited to receive my glasses. I have a pretty odd prescription (far-sighted in my right eye, near-sighted in my left eye) and I wanted to see how they would do with that. I also thought they looked really cool online and wanted to see them in person.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out. They got the prescription perfect, and I really like how they look. I was worried the blue might be garish, but I think it adds a cool element without being overwhelming. They fit my face well, and they're comfy to wear.

Firmoo offers free glasses to first-time customers. You can find them here: Firmoo Free Glasses. If you decide to order a pair, you only have to pay for shipping. By looking around a little bit more on their website, I also found where they offer completely free (including shipping) glasses to bloggers: Firmoo is Giving Away Free Eyeware to Bloggers. If you have a blog, check that page out! 

Again, I was really pleased with my glasses from Firmoo. They're higher quality than I was expecting (since they were free, I thought they might be iffy, but they seem very durable). They're cute, I don't think Ellie can break them, the case that came with them was really nice, it came with an awesome little repair kit, and the customer service representative that was in contact with me was really great. I would (honest opinion) recommend Firmoo if you're looking for a pair of cute, good quality, inexpensive glasses.

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