Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Eight years ago today...

Jason and I had our first date. :)

It was both of our first dates with anyone, ever. He asked me out by drawing me this picture (do you remember Napoleon Dynamite?):

At the top it says, "Jocelyn, there's plenty more where this comes from if you'll go to the dance with me and have a killer time. :) - Jason"

Of course I said yes. :) I had the biggest crush on him ever. How could I not? Look at that drawing. And look how handsome he was for our date:

The dance we went to was our high school's Winter Formal, which was held in Downtown Disney at the ESPN Zone. We went in a group with my sister Alyse and her date Andrew, and my friends Nikki and Michelle Wiseman and their dates. 

At the beginning of the date Jason and Andrew picked me and Alyse up from our house. When Jason arrived, I wasn't ready quite yet (and totally felt like the stereotypical girl from movies that makes her date wait with her family while she gets ready). I remember feeling nervous, and excited, and just giddy to be going on a date with Jason. We took some pictures in our backyard, and then a few more at my friends Nikki and Michelle's house.

For the actual date, we first had dinner at Buca di Peppo's Italian restaurant. If you've never been there, this place is crazy. All of their dishes are made for a group - they're so big you can't eat them by yourself. So, for a group of eight, you'd order three or four dishes. I specifically remember they have this one dish named "Meatballs as big as your head" - and they're only exaggerating a little bit.

After Buca di Peppo's we drove to Downtown Disney, where the dance was being held. Our school had rented out the ESPN Zone for the event. We waited in line, got searched (everyone going into the dance did, for security reasons), gave them our tickets, and entered the building. We could see that the actual dancing was on the first floor, and that the second floor was filled with all sorts of arcade and table games. Jason and I, naturally, immediately headed for the second floor. (We're not big dancers.)

When we got to the top of the stairs, our group discovered this circular table absolutely covered in candy. It was a mountain of candy. And no one was touching it. "Is this free?" we asked each other. "Are we allowed to eat this?" we asked some official person standing nearby. "Yeah," they answered, waving at the table. We went for it. The boys started filling their pockets with candy, and we girls got as much candy as we could carry. Jason stuffed about three thousand jelly bellies into his pockets. (He likes jelly beans. And jelly bellies are the best jelly beans. And they were free.)

Jason and I played tons of games - ski ball, shooting baskets, all sorts of arcade games. One of our most memorable moments of the night happened when we went over to the air hockey tables. I love air hockey, and this place had like six air hockey tables all lined up. Jason, who was warm from all the crowds of the people, took off his suit jacket and swung it over the bar in the middle of the table. Immediately, hundreds and hundreds of jelly bellies began pouring out of his suit pockets and all over the table. Both of us just stood there in shock for a moment, then leapt into action. Jason grabbed his suit jacket to stop the flow of jelly beans, and I tried scooping all of the jelly beans into my arms before they went down the little goal holes. We couldn't scoop them all in time, though, and a lot of them went down the holes the pucks are supposed to go. We tested the hole with a puck to see if it would go through, and it didn't. We had jammed the table. So, inconspicuosly, we sidled over to a different air hockey table and abandoned the jelly-beaned one. Honestly, that remains my favorite moment from any date I've ever had. The shock of the hundreds and hundreds of jelly beans just pouring out of his pockets, all over the table, just ricocheting everywhere, and us cracking up and trying to stop them and them just going everywhere.

After we left the dance (at which Jason and I did exactly zero amount of dancing)(thank goodness) we went to one of our group member's houses and watched some movie I don't remember now. Then Jason and Andrew drove Alyse and I home, and we said goodnight.

Jason unloading all of his jelly bellies into a safer location.

Me and Jason's first date was one of the best dates I've ever been on. It was so fun and we had such a good time. I love that both of our first dates were with each other, and that it was this date. It's hard to believe that it's been eight years, but I'm sure glad the years have taken us where they did. I'm glad that I still have Jason by my side, and always will.


  1. Love this! So sweet! You two are so perfect for each other! And the jelly bean thing cracked me up! hahaha!

  2. Happy first date anniversary! I love the way he asked you, that picture is awesome! And the jelly belly story cracked me up. But my favorite thing about this post (which I loved everything about anyway!) was the pictures of you two. So cute! Your so pretty Jocelyn, and you two are a great looking match :)

  3. when is our first date anniversary? you know, the one with jason and daniel present, and i think i was dating holly at the time. it was a scandalous event, it deserves celebrating

  4. Thanks everyone! And Tyler, I think it's sometime in July or August. And you weren't dating Holly, but I was definitely dating Jason. Which is why he came. And Daniel came because Jason needed a date. That seriously was epic, and you're right, we should celebrate it.

  5. Aw, that is so sweet! Super cool winter formal too!


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