Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Smith Family Christmas Party

On Sunday night Jason, Ellie, and I went over to my dad's house for the annual Smith family Christmas party. It's such a great party. We do it every single year.  

 First, we all socialize and have dinner.

Some of my Smith cousins: Holly, Callie, Grant, and Shelley
I told them I was taking a "candid" picture
My dad with my cousin Brittany and her son Jake
This was a very serious discussion about casseroles.
Ellie and her Grandpa having fun

After dinner, we dress all the kids up (my cousins and I used to get dressed up when we were younger, too) and have them do the nativity while someone reads the story of Christ's birth from Luke, chapter 2.

My cousin Ashley's adorable girls
Our super organized nativity. Do you see Ellie as a wiseman? (Hint: she's wearing red and riding a "camel.")

After the nativity we do two white elephant gift exchanges: a candy exchange for the younger kids, and a silly gift exchange for all the adults. It's the best. I love the white elephant exchange; it's been my favorite part of the party since I was a little kid. Everybody brings such funny things and it's such a blast to open them all.

I love our family's annual Christmas party. It's so fun and such a great tradition that we all have together. I love this time of the year, and I love my family. :)

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