Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Christmas Eve

Hey everyone! I hope your Christmas week has been a great one for you. :) We've had a nice week that we've been able to spend together and with family.

On Christmas Eve, Ellie and I were able to hang out with my dad all morning and afternoon. Then on Christmas Eve night, Jason's family (Michael, Shelley, & Emily, Tyler & Sarah, his grandparents, his uncle Mike, his aunt Patty, and his cousin Emily) all came over and we had a Thomas family get-together. We had dinner, opened our traditional Christmas Eve pajama pants, and had a white elephant game. It was really nice to be with everybody. :)

Here are the girls taking a bath together:

And Emily and Ellie opening their pajamas:

Ellie got really excited by all the attention, and just starting walking around yelling "Aaaaahhh!" at the top of her lungs.
Emily enjoying her pajamas, Ellie yelling some more.

Here's all the girls in our pajamas, and all the boys:

Diana (Jason's mom), Ellie, Me, Emily, Shelley, Sarah, and Emily (Jason's cousin)
Jason, James (Jason's dad), Tyler, and Michael

And here's some more pictures of the general merriment:

It was a really fun night. We always love it when we get to spend time with family!

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