Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our Attempted Photoshoot

Yesterday, since it was Ellie's first birthday, I tried to do a photoshoot with her so that we could have legit-looking "first birthday pictures." It was cloudy outside, so the lighting was great. I drug (dragged? both sound wrong) two dining room chairs out to the backyard, got two big king-sized dark blue sheets to use as the backdrop, dressed Ellie up in her cute red Christmas dress, used water to put down all of her fluffy fly-away hair, wiped her face, and she cooperated perfectly and I got exactly the shot I was looking for.

Just kidding.

It was chaos.

Ellie, it turns out, had no intention of staying on the perfect blue backdrop and smiling or waving at me. She was in the backyard, and she was going to take full advantage of it. The instant I set her down, she was off.

After I scooped her back out of the dirt (multiple times), I thought I'd try a different tactic. We went inside and I got her elephant (it's her Christmas present, but don't tell her) and brought it back out to our photo set-up. Ellie played with it for about three seconds, then tried to run away with it.

The next ten or so minutes were spent unsuccessfully trying to get her back to the backdrop and also trying to prevent her eating dirt.

"I'm freeeeeee!"
"Hey mom, don't mind this handful of dirt headed towards my mouth, it's fine."
"How about if I stand like this?"
"Wow! Mom! Hey, look, I can tear this down!"

At this point, I realized that I might be able to get her to sit still if I gave her a banana. Yeah, sure, there'd be a banana in the picture, but at least there might actually be a picture.

Trying to rip the banana peel off with her teeth.

Yeah, that worked.

So I gave up and just followed her around . She'd already lost her shoes and I had to take off her tights because they were so muddy, so she just ran around the yard in her little dress and diaper.

Then she found a shovel...

Licked it...

....and then immediately ran over and started playing in the dirt with it.

So, to sum up: our photoshoot was such a disaster that Ellie lost three pieces of clothing in the process, tore down our backdrop, and got so covered in dirt, banana, and boogers that she had to have a bath afterward. So would we consider this a success?


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