Tuesday, December 4, 2012

November Recap Post

Wow, I am really behind on here. I just have been so busy with so many other projects in the last couple weeks, and Jason started work, so the blog has been pushed down a bit on the priority list! But I'm back.

November was a really good month. Jason started work on the 12th at Hoag Hospital in Irvine. He really likes his job (he's working in the lab, like he trained for in his internship) and the people that he works with. He's doing the day shift right now as he's training, and then in a while (we're not quite sure when, yet) he'll switch to the night shift. So yay for Jason having a job! We are so grateful that he was able to find one and that it's a good one.

Ellie and I have been having a lot of play time around the house, what with Jason being gone for work and all. She is at such a fun age and we have lots of fun during the day. She's definitely officially walking now, too. She's been sort of walking for a long time, but this week she's really legitimately started walking everywhere. She can also (mostly) say the words "Dog," "Hi," and "Yeah."

(This is a "I know I'm not supposed to be playing with this paper from the trash and I think it's really funny that I am" face.)

Thanksgiving was great, too. We had dinner at my dad's house with all my extended family on his side. It was sooo fun to hang out with everyone and the food was delicious. Ellie loved all the activity and people and especially my dad's dog. She loves that dog.

We also had some really fun dates in November. For one Saturday morning date, we had a waffle breakfast at home and then saw Wreck-it Ralph at a matinee at the movie theatre. On another date, we went to Yorba Regional Park, had a picnic, and played games. (We were going to rent one of those funny bike/paddle car thingies, but it was the wrong day of the week. So we'll have to try that again another time). We rented Brave (we'd never seen it) for another date. And this last week, we went to Mimi's Cafe for dinner.

 So yeah! That's what our November was about. Job, projects, family, and Thanksgiving. It was a good month. :)


  1. Awww - this is so cute! I love that picture of Britt and Jake. We have such beautiful people in our family! :)

  2. I love the thankful cards! It looks like a fun (and delicious!) month =) Your family picture at the end is so cute!You're such a pretty lady Jocelyn!

  3. I love my little niece!!! Love you guys too :)


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