Friday, December 7, 2012

Ellie's scary Monday night

As I mentioned the other day when I was delirious from the flu (or actually, probably norovirus), Ellie had a scary incident Monday night.

It was about 7:30 pm, a short while after Ellie went down for the night. I was gone, buying diapers and wipes at Target. Jason was home in the living room, hanging out and listening to Ellie on the baby monitor. As he was sitting there, he heard her give one cry. We usually wouldn't get up for that, because it's usually just a noise she makes in her sleep and she's not really awake. But for some reason, this time he got up, walked down the hall, and listened at her door.

As he was listening, he heard her cough once, and then do a weird gasp. He threw open her door and she was in bed, on her back, choking on a large amount of vomit that was covering her head. It was filling her mouth and she was just lying there, choking. He grabbed her, turned her over to get the vomit out of her mouth and airways, and ran to his parents' room with her in his arms. After a couple scary minutes, they were sure that she was okay and breathing fine and everything was clear.

They stripped down the bed sheets and her clothes and everything else that was covered in vomit and put it all in the washer. Jason kept Ellie with him and took her to the living room, where he cuddled her in his arms. I got back a short while later, which is when he told me the whole scary tale and I was shocked that such a horrible thing could happen, and I really didn't like the feeling that I was away, somewhere else, completely ignorant, when Ellie was in danger.

We decided we definitely wanted Ellie in our bedroom for the rest of the night, so we set up the pack 'n play at the foot of our bed. Honestly, at that point, we were feeling like we wanted her to sleep right next to us every day forever. She was pretty awake for a while after everything, so by the time we got her back to sleep it was several hours after her normal bedtime.

Poor little Ellie, tuckered out after her crazy night

So that's what happened on Monday night. I'm so glad Jason was there and was able to get her. Man, where would we be without Jason?

I hope this never happens again. :/


  1. oh wow. that is super scary! I'm glad she's okay.

  2. That's so terrifying! So glad she's okay.

  3. :( How scary!! Good job, Jason!! You have now saved both of your ladies from choking!

  4. That is terrifying. My eyes started to tear up reading it. Man, mommyhood changes everything. I'm so glad she's okay.

  5. OMG! I'm so glad she's OK! That is so scary!!!

  6. That is terrifying!! Glad she is ok!!


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