Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ellie's Birthday Party

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a lovely start to your new week and that you're enjoying the Christmas season! We've had a good last couple days here at our house. Last night was my dad's side of the family's annual Christmas party (which I'll post about soon), and the night before that (on Saturday) we had Ellie's birthday party! Obviously, as a one-year-old Ellie didn't realize that all the people were there for her birthday or even that she had had a birthday, but we never miss an excuse to have a party. ;)

The little ladybug cake that we made for Ellie.

My dad owns part of a company down here called Farrell's Ice Cream, and he offered us the opportunity to have Ellie's birthday party at the restaurant for free. How in the world could we pass that up? So early on Saturday evening we gathered at Farrell's with a bunch of family and some friends and had a ton of fun! We had delicious food, delicious ice cream, and all the balloon animals we wanted.

Ellie's hair got super static-y from her balloon scepter.
She was so happy! She had a lot of fun.
Here she was going "Aaaaaahhhhh!"
She also was doing this funny this where she was pressing her chin down on the paper at the edge of the table.
Me and Jason :)
Tyler and Sarah
My dad and Ellie!
Shelley and Michael
Ellie "wearing" a balloon crown

 Ellie was really good with her first cake. She kind of touched and tasted it gently at first, then noticed her little spork sitting to the side and ate a bunch with that. She kind of got the spork turned around and ate a lot of the cake with the handle, but it was a noble effort.

Touching it, testing it...
Spots the spork...
Spork time!
Hey, this stuff is good!
Eating cake with the spork's handle
Mmmm, smooshy.

It was a really fun night and a great birthday party. Thanks to everyone who came and thank you again to my Dad for letting us do it at Farrell's. We had a blast!


  1. Jocelyn, thanks for sharing this beautiful birthday party with everyone. Ellie is so cute and I know that she is so much fun and a great joy to you guys. We miss you three and wish you were back here in St. George where we could see you. Say hi to your Dad for me. Love ya, Merrill & Judy.

  2. I've been noticing lately that Ellie's facial expressions are getting better and better! She's very good at emoting everything!


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