Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Halloween Ellie-phant

Hi everyone! I hope you had a happy Halloween, and are having a good first day of November. :) And if you're on the east coast, I hope that you and your family have been safe from Sandy. Being way over here on the west, we've luckily had nothing more than a couple days of Santa Ana winds. I just hope everyone's okay over there; we're sending prayers your way.

I know I haven't posted very much in the last couple weeks, and I'm sorry for that. I'll write a big recap post and post it soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to show you some pictures from Halloween! As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, we were having a hard time coming up with a costume for Ellie. (I really liked your suggestions, though! They were awesome!) Some of our other ideas were: an old lady (complete with wrinkle-makeup), an 80's rockstar (we had a 80's-style baby coat that was the result of some failed pajamas I tried to make her), or Ellie-saurus (she's basically a dinosaur and it's one of our nicknames for her). None of those was quite working, though, but then - we saw the perfect costume at Kohls. And we bought it.

So what did she end up being?

An Ellie-phant!

She thought the hood was a little weird at first, and tried to pull it off, but she adjusted to it really quickly. And she was the cutest little elephant you ever saw.

We also carved our pumpkins yesterday! Yes, we left it until Halloween. I made my traditional happy pumpkin, and Jason made a masterpiece. Do you remember his pumpkin from last year? Or the year before? If you do, you were probably waiting to see what he did this year. Well, ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on his 360ยบ African Animals work of art:

His jack-o-lantern includes an elephant, lion, zebra, cheetah, rhinoceros, and a giraffe. And it's even better in the dark:

And that's what things looked like over here yesterday!


  1. Jason is AMMMAAAAAZZZZING!!! How is that pumpkin so incredible! Holy Cow!
    And Ellie is ADORABLE! Such a cute costume! "Ellie-phant." I LOVE it!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! SO CUTE! And I love the pumpkins. So fun!

  3. Ellie-phant - haha! I love it! She is so adorable!

    Okay and Jason is amazing! Tommy was looking over my shoulder and said "Jason is both incredibly talented and extremely patient". Very true. It seriously looks amazing. And I always love your happy pumpkin. :)

  4. ellie couldnt be any cuter!!!! and im so impressed with jasons pumpkin!!! seriously he is so talented! way amazing!

  5. OMG, I am so amazed by Jason's pumpkin! That's amazing! Jealous too.


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