Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ellie in her Jammies, plus an Ellie Update

Today Ellie is eleven months old! I can't believe it. I know I say this every time, but she is so old. I can't believe how interactive she is, and how much she's learning and understands, and everything that she can do. I love how old she is right now. She is so fun.

I haven't done an Ellie Update in a while, and she's developing a lot, so we're going to do one now! Here's Ellie at eleven months:

Teeth: She finally has some! She got her bottom two teeth three or four weeks ago. She's a good biter now. Sometimes she'll be funny and bite our knees and toes, and it tickles like crazy, and we'll laugh and squirm and try to get away, and she'll crack up and go back for more.

Standing: She's great. She stands everywhere, all the time.

Walking: She is sooo close. She's taken a lot of steps by herself, even four steps in a row, but she's not walking across the room yet. Her Grandpa Steve and Nana Debbie got her a little turtle walker, and she loves using it to cruise down the hall and all over the house. She's best at walking by herself when she doesn't realize what she's doing; when she's so focused on her end goal, or on whatever's in her hands, that she doesn't notice that she's walking.

Eating: Ellie has a voracious appetite. She can eat a whole half or even two-thirds of a large banana in one sitting. Every day now she eats a couple jars of baby food, a large chunk of a banana, some Cherrios, some Kix, and a few other things (in addition to milk and formula). She actually got a rash on her back this week from some food we gave her, though, so we've dialed it back in what we've been giving her so we can try and figure out what it is that she's reacting to.

Talking: She says "Mama" and "Dada" and "baba" (for her bottle) and "Papa" (for her Grandpa Thomas). She babbles all day long, and her babblings are starting to sound more like real conversation. She's getting the rhythm of English down. She still also loves to sing whenever we do. Her singing consists of of a single note "Aaaahhhh," sometimes quietly, and sometimes shouting "AAAAAAAHHHHH." She really loves singing.

Miscellaneous: She's started to point to things when we're holding her to direct us to them. She's also been doing this cute/hilarious thing all week, where she slaps her hand (or a toy) to her ear (like it's a phone), and says, "Heh." She does it if we do it and look at her, or if the phone rings, or sometimes just randomly. (And she is, in fact, doing it at this very moment as I type this up.) It's so cute. She's so cute.

And now, as a reward for reading all that, some pictures of Ellie! We took these a couple weeks ago, when she was just looking so cute in her pajamas. About half the pictures are at night, and the other half were taken the next morning when she woke up. Oh, Ellie girl. You are so wonderful.


  1. She is ADORABLE! Loved reading the updates. So fun!

  2. I love how she is looking at the book. It looks like she is reading it. :)


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