Saturday, November 3, 2012

Big October Recap Post

Okay, so I promised you I'd do a big recap post, and here it is. Here are all the stray pictures and activities I couldn't really fit into any other posts this month, or just didn't try to until now. Brace yourself!

To make it easy, I'll just put the date the pictures were taken, and a little explanation.

September 30 - We took a couple pictures outside before church.

October 4 -  We went to "Oahu Shave Ice" with Michael & Shelley. It was great! They have shave ice, but then in the middle they put ice cream. It sounds weird, but it's actually really good. My favorite shave ice flavor was Tiger's Blood. Ellie kept grunting/making dinosaur noises at us to indicate that she wanted some, so we gave her little tastes.

The cousins! I love the way Ellie's jutting her chin out here.

 October  5 - Ellie played in the kitchen with her daddy.

 October 9  - We visited my dad at his office, and Ellie took over his desk.

October 12 - We almost went to Subway for lunch, but last minute tried this place called Slater's 50/50 in the same shopping center. It was great! You completely "design" your own burger, and Jason and I each chose their 50/50 patty (which is made out of 50% beef and 50% bacon) for ours. Mmm.

October 18 - Ellie and her daddy.

October 19 - We went to Yorba Regional park to see the ducks. Ellie loved them. Here she is watching this crowd of like 50 ducks around us. (Also, look at my hair! It's just long enough for me to pull it back into a tiny pony tail [with the help of like 50 bobby pins, I have to add]!)

October 20 -We went to a food truck festival with Michael & Shelley. They had something like 30 food trucks, and a stunt dog show.

October 26 - Ellie tried out her Elephant costume for the ward trunk or treat.

October 27 - We (Jason, me, Ellie, Diana, Tyler, and Sarah) went out to Lake Elsinore to go to Michael & Shelley's ward trunk or treat with Shelley and Emily (Michael had work). It was quite a trip. Our car's AC was broken, and it was a warm day, so we had the windows down (even on the freeway) most of the way there. Ellie and Emily played together before we went to the trunk or treat, and then we all (all 8 of us) packed into our car and drove to the church. On our way back to Yorba Linda, we took side roads instead of the freeway (which had multiple accidents on it jamming the traffic), and so enjoyed a dark, peaceful, rather pretty drive home (during which we played a funny game of "Truth or Dare," because we're that cool).

October 28 - We had dinner at my Grandma and Grandpa's house in Seal Beach. Most of the extended family was there, and we had dinner, sang Happy Birthday for the October birthdays, played with nieces and nephews, hung out with cousins and aunts and uncles, shoved toys in our mouths (oh, wait, that was just Ellie), and had fun in the backyard.

October 31 - Halloween! You've already seen the pictures of Ellie in her costume and Jason's amazing pumpkin, but we also had friends over on Halloween night. We played some games and watched most of Hocus Pocus. It was fun to hang out, and really fun to see their clever & funny costumes.

Jaime = goth (be sure to notice the lip rings), Kendle = nerd, Sarah = Dora the Exlorer, Tyler = hobbit (complete with hairy feet)

And those are all the parts of October you haven't already seen!

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