Friday, October 19, 2012

Zoo Birthday Trip

As I mentioned yesterday, we took a trip to the Santa Ana Zoo this week. It's a great little zoo. It's close to us, it's half price after 2 pm, and it has just enough animals that you can see them all before you get tired.

This was Ellie's very first trip to the zoo, and we were wondering if she'd even realize the animals were there. She did! She was definitely intrigued by a lot of the different animals. She had a really good time, and we did too.

(Here's Ellie intently studying the Bald Eagle. When I tried to pull her away, I realized she had a solid grip on the fence. I had to tug her off.)

Some of Ellie's favorite animals were:

- The ducks. Yes, the regular old ducks. She thought it was hilarious when Jason and I were saying "quack quack quack." She didn't even notice the howler monkeys in this same exhibit.

- The magpie geese. They were honking at us, and she was really interested in them.

- The squirrel monkey. She thought he was a lot funnier than all of the other monkeys for some reason. Santa Ana Zoo seriously has a lot of monkeys, but she liked this one the best.

-The trees in the aviary. Okay, so these aren't animals, but she liked them.

- The domestic geese. Her expression says it all.

(Also, they have this giant egg there.)

Where babies come from.

- The goats. There were a lot of them, and they were making their funny "Gaa-aa-aa" goat sound. She watched them for a couple minutes, then started yelling "Aaaaaah!" really loud. It was so funny. She was definitely imitating them. :)

(Oh, I love them.)

By the exit they had a couple bales of hay set up with some fake pumpkins, and we set Ellie down on them for a picture. She knocked this fake little pumpkin off by accident. Jason put it back. Ellie then got this funny/clever little expression on her face and whacked it off again. And again. And then fed it to Jason.

So, did Ellie have a good time on her first trip to the zoo?



  1. These pictures are so cute! What a sweet, happy girl! I love how interested she was in all of the animals!

  2. oh your daughter is so precious!! I love her smile and expressions!


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