Friday, October 12, 2012

Pinterest Intimidation

With Halloween coming up, I keep remembering that I need to think of a costume for Ellie. But every time I try to think of one, my brain kind of freezes, because things like Pinterest and other blogs have convinced me that I need to think of the cutest, most creative, funny, and original costume ever. And then I need to take amazing, super artistic pictures of Ellie wearing it. And me and Jason's costumes should both fit with hers, too, obviously.

So, I can't. My brain knows I can't think of the best costume ever, and so it's not thinking of any.

Sigh. I know I'll think of one soon.

Do you guys ever run into Pinterest-intimidation in your brain?


  1. I actually really don't like Pinterest for that very reason. I think it is just overwhelming in general. There is too much. Plus, I get really annoyed when people repin things JUST to repin it. I only let myself get on it when I'm actually looking for an idea. And then usually afterwards my brain feels a little fried. So I totally understand.
    I vote you do whatever you want for Halloween and Ellie is so darn cute, that it WILL be the cutest ever. :) Bradley is going to be Peter Pan because it's my favorite Disney movie (and I am currently decorating his room in that theme so its on my mind).
    P.S. your costumes last year were like my favorite ever.

  2. Crayons. You and Jason primary colors and Ellie the corresponding secondary color. Obviously. :) I'm sure whatever you do will be fabulous though!

  3. Personally I loved Pinterest. But spending too muchtime on it I don't do. Same as blogs...hence why I bagged MINE. =). And same for smelly old facebook. BUt heres an idea. Go to the dollar store but Ellie a cute costume and be happy with it. SAves you money.And a head ache. Time and season for everything! You can't do it all. If you do you sacrifice things you should be doing right? =) Loveya.

  4. I meant I still LOVE...pinterest.

  5. Oh and expect a card in the mail hopefully today!


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