Thursday, October 18, 2012

Birthday Weekend Recap

My favorite day of the year, hands down, is October 14th. It's definitely the friendliest day of the year. It's just so warm and inviting. You can tell it likes you. And, amazingly enough, it also happens to be my birthday.

This year October 14th fell on a Sunday, so I naturally used that as an excuse to do fun stuff before, during, and after the actual day.

On Saturday, we tried to go to a church picnic with Sarah and Tyler.

We couldn't actually find the picnic, though (and never did), but we found some other cool stuff! For instance, we stumbled right upon a Renaissance fair. These guys dressed in full suits of armor were having sword fights, and they had all these tents set up, and we watched them for a while. Ellie thought they were really intriguing.

We also found this giant chili cook-off/car show/craft fair that we wandered around for a while. Afterwards, we got some food at Carl's Jr, ate it back at home, and then went to Yorba Regional Park

And then we got a Pinata! (And at this point I just realized that I should mention that Tyler's birthday is this week, too. It was, in fact, on Tuesday. And so we were celebrating both of our birthdays). And filled it with a lot of candy. And then, because we had nowhere to hang it from, boxed it open with our hands. (We are hardcore pinata-ers.)

We finished off the day by watching a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 classic, Timechasers.

The next day was Sunday!  We went to church in the morning. In the afternoon, Jason's mom cooked special birthday dinners for both me and Tyler. So we had roast beef and ribs. Mmm. It was so good. We had pie for desert. Tyler chose chocolate satin and I chose razzleberry, so that's what we all had. Mmm.

Me and Tyler pretending to blow out our birthday candles.

Jason preordered me the Lego Lord of the Rings PS3 video game. This was his way of telling me it's on its way (when it comes out in a couple weeks).

It was a great birthday weekend. We actually went to the zoo on Tuesday, too, as (kind of) part of the birthday festivities. It was Ellie's first time to the zoo, and it was fun. I'll post pictures soon. :)


  1. It sure great to see your blog. I am so impressed with you two and of course Ellie. You guys are so inventive and talanted. Happy Birth Day to you Jocelyn and Tyler. Some day we hope to see you. Maybe we will have to come to California to do that. What town are you in now, I forgot? Love Uncle Merrill

  2. Definitely the best day of the year ;). Happy Birthday!


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