Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Awkward Hair Length

Today I set out to show you how awkward my hair length currently is.

Things started off okay.

Then I remembered all the fun things you can do with photobooth.

Then I remembered what I was doing.


Right now it's just...awkward. It looks okay from the front, but very strange from the sides. It's chin length at my chin, and shoulder length at my shoulders. It's just got a very mullet-y feeling to it.

This length, when my hair is between my chin and shoulders, is my least favorite length. When I'm growing it out, it's the length I always have to hold myself back from chopping it all off again. If I can just make it through this stage, I'll be golden. Until then, I'll just have to make sure I'm always looking head-on at people, so they don't see the sides of my head. I think that'll work.


  1. haha! you crack me up. I say just rock the mullet. Bring it back! :) (actually I don't want it back...but I won't judge you for having one). Growing out hair is the worst. I am also doing it. I can't decide if I still want bangs or not. So my solution has been to not cut them and they are always in the way.

  2. You look great. Its really not that bad. I am excited you are growing it back out too. It wont take long! =)

  3. It may feel weird to you, but it LOOKS fantastic! I'm honestly not just saying that. The chin-length is SUPER cute on you!

  4. I agree with Lizzy, it really isn't bad and the chin-length really works for your face shape. I'm afraid that I can't really help you with the growing out part... the last time I had to grow my hair out was when I was 3. But I may know what you are talking about someday because I'm thinking about chopping my hair off. And I know what Jill means with the bangs. I am doing the same thing right now and it is driving me crazy.

  5. I totally understand the between the shoulders hair length and wanting to cut it but then wanting to grow it out. Also, Katie has a mullet. I put her hair in pig tails or a spouty ponytail on the top but a little to the side of the top of her head (make sense?). You could try that :) It'd be very humorous. The pig tails wouldn't look bad though. But, I don't think that you'r hair looks bad, but I've been in that exact same place and know that it doesn't matter, it just needs to grow already.


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