Monday, September 17, 2012

The Indoor Picnic

Jason's family is awesome. Have I ever mentioned that? They are. He has two brothers and one sister, and they're all married, and we're all really good friends. It's awesome.

We're also very lucky enough to have three of the sets of siblings and their spouses - Jason and me, Michael and Shelley, and Tyler and Sarah - and James and Diana (their parents) live very close to each other. James and Diana's house (where Jason and I are now living) acts as kind of a meeting point, and we get to hang out with various members of the family all the time.

Well, last week Tyler brought up the point that we hang out at the house all the time, but we rarely go anywhere else as a group. He thought it'd be a good idea, and we agreed, if we made an effort to all go out together more. We thought of a couple different things to do, and we decided that the first one we'd try out would be to go have a barbeque at Yorba Regional Park that coming Saturday (which was Saturday the 15th).

We were all excited to go the park together and get out, and then...a heat wave hit. On Friday, the day before we were supposed to go to the park, the temperature was 108 degrees.

So, we changed our plans. For this first time, we'd meet at the house, and have an indoor picnic, where we could all enjoy the benefits of modern technology (i.e. air conditioning). And then for future events, we'll go outside.

So here's our indoor picnic!


Cousins - man, these two are so cute together.

Ellie really loves these blinds.

And these ink cartridges.

Okay, the story behind the mustard - as we were eating our hot dogs and hamburgers at the table, I asked if there was any mustard. Jason said no, because he had just cleaned out the fridge and thrown away the mustard, which had expired in 2009. But Diana was like, "No problem!  I have mustard in the hall closet." She retrieved it, and then handed it to James, her husband. He looked at the bottle, and then passed it to Jason because he thought he must be seeing the expiration date wrong. But he wasn't. Jason confirmed that this mustard had expired as well - in 2003. I guess our next project will be cleaning out the hall closet! :) 

The family!

We had to get one with Sarah in it (she was taking the picture in the one before). :)

It was fun. We also played this super telephone/picture game after we ate. We want to do something like this at least once a month. And hopefully we'll be able to go outside the house in the future! :)

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