Sunday, September 30, 2012

General Relief Society Meeting!

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great Sunday. I hope one person in particular is having a good day today: my little sister Sydney! It is her 12th birthday. She is such a great sister and a great aunt to Ellie. 

Yay Sydney!

I'm actually excited to report to you today about my scripture reading this week. I had a lot of opportunity to listen to the scriptures online this week as I was doing a big project, and holy cow. I am so grateful I was able to listen to them so much. I feel so rejuvenated, and so excited to keep reading them. That's the thing about reading the scriptures for me - the more I read, the more I want to read. And being able to really plunge into them like I was able to do this week was really what I needed.

Sunday - 5 minutes
Monday - 30 minutes
Tuesday - 6 hours
Wednesday - 4 hours
Thursday - 3 hours
Friday -  4 hours
Saturday - 30 minutes

Here's an update I wrote in the middle of the week: "I am so happy right now. Deep, in my soul, contented. I've been listening to a ton of the scriptures the last couple days, since I've been listening to them as I work on a project, and it's been amazing. The more I was listening yesterday, the more and more I wanted to listen. I really wanted to know what happened in that next chapter. I'm becoming so involved with the people, and their stories, and everything that's happening. And it's been making a change in me, too. For a long time I've felt kind of like I've been trying to get back to the 'real' Jocelyn. I've been close to the real me, but not entirely there. The biggest thing is that I've been more pessimistic than optimistic. I've been letting the world get me down. But I was just sitting here, thinking about something different, and I suddenly realized how confident I'm feeling right now. And then I realized, I feel like the real me. I'm back. I'm myself again. The scriptures make the difference.

You guys, I'm feeling...It's hard to describe to you what I'm feeling right now. Happy. And grateful.  And just that I know Heavenly Father loves me."

Seriously. For me, personally, the scriptures make a huge difference in my daily life. I feel so happy when I read them.

I'm also excited because of the General Relief Society Broadcast that was this weekend. In our church, we have big semi-annual conferences for the whole church. The full conference is next weekend, and last night was a big meeting for our women's organization, Relief Society. You can check out the Relief Society meeting online anytime, here:

 Watch the General Relief Society Meeting

I'll report back after I've watched it tonight, and let you know what I think. :) Also, in case you'd like to know where to find our General Conference this coming weekend:

Come listen to living prophets

Happy Sunday!

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