Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ellie at Nine Months

Ellie is nine months old today! She is so big. She is so old. She has just developed so much in the last couple months.

Crawling: She's been a pro forever now. She's really happy in our new house, because there's carpet everywhere. Our apartment in St. George was mostly tile, and this carpet is a lot softer on her knees. :)

Standing: The day that we moved here, Ellie started standing on her own. She does so every day now, for short periods at a time. She's getting so good at balance and distributing her weight. She's amazing!

Walking: Not yet, but things are looking promising with her standing. It probably won't be too much longer now.

Teeth: Still none. :)

Eating: She's getting better at eating baby food, though she never eats it in very big quantities.

Talking: She babbles all day long. She says "Mama" every day, usually when she's hungry and wants me. She doesn't say "Dada" very often, but she definitely knows what it means. On the day we moved, she was kind of stressed out with all the activity, and she just kept saying "Mamama" and "Dadada" all day long. She still loves singing; if you sing to her, she'll "sing" with you.

Random: She likes to put stuff in our mouths and have us pretend to eat it. She also has been starting to give us "kisses," i.e. opening her mouth and putting it on ours.

We loooooove our baby!

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  1. Ahhhh! She is SO CUTE! Those pretty, big eyes! So adorable! I can't believe how grown up she looks. That light pink is a gorgeous color on her.


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