Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Proposal

Hi everyone! Guess what? Yesterday was the three-year anniversary of the day Jason and I got engaged. It's easy to remember when it comes every year, because we got engaged during the Perseid Meteor Shower, an annual event. Yesterday we celebrated by eating dirt cups and playing Lego Pirates. Yes!

Since I started this blog after we got married, I never posted the story of how we got engaged. So, here it is for your viewing pleasure. (This is adapted from an email I wrote to my sister, who was on her mission at the time.)

"Once upon a time, (on August 11, 2009, to be exact), I went to Jason’s house in the morning (like I did practically every day that summer). In addition to his usual greeting, he had a question for me: would I like to go to Lake Arrowhead that night with him, Tiffany, Jarom, and Aubrey to watch a meteor shower? (Tiffany is his sister, Jarom is her husband, and Aubrey is their daughter [who was two and a half years old at the time.]) I only had to think about it for a second before I said “Sure!” I love star gazing, and it sounded awesome.

We did our usual thing the rest of the day, which included going thrift store shopping with our friend Katie Pope and getting some things from my Dad’s house for the overnight trip. We came back to the Thomas’s house for dinner, after which Jason left, saying, “Okay, I'm going to go pick up the key for the cabin from Mimi!”

Tiffany asked if I’d like to go grocery shopping while Jason picked up the key, and I said sure. Thus began the longest, most inefficient shopping trip ever, in which we went to not one, not two, but six different stores (three grocery stores, Rite Aid, Best Buy, and a gas station) to get what we needed. When we finally got back home two hours later, Jason's mom was like, “Oh, you just missed Jason! He was back but he left to go take Shelley's camera to her and Michael's house.” (Michael's Jason's brother and Shelley's Michael's wife. And they lived in BFE. Which, if you're not from Yorba Linda, basically means the very outskirts of the city.) (BFE means "Beyond Freaking Egypt," by the way.) (And everyone really does call it BFE.) But the truth was that Jason had never been to his grandma’s house and had not taken any camera to Michael and Shelley. Later (the next day) I learned that right after dinner he had really gone to my dad’s house, so that he could have “the talk” with my dad about asking me to marry him. His whole family worked together to buy him time by keeping me busy all evening.

When Jason got back, we all packed into the car and drove to the cabin. We got there at about ten-thirty and the meteor shower wasn't supposed to start until about midnight, so we watched a movie (Paul Blart, Mall Cop) until it was time (I would have chosen a different movie had I known it would go down in history). At midnight, we drove into the little Lake Arrowhead village to watch the meteor shower from this tiny little park where we had a good view. Jason and I started out watching the shooting stars from the grass in the park, but after a while switched spots with Tiffany and Jarom to watch the meteor shower from a bench facing the lake. (Jason had a scary moment when we switched spots: he had the ring hidden in the picnic basket, and when we switched he couldn’t get the ring out without me seeing. Luckily for him, Jarom threw out his back out lifting Aubrey [or at least, pretended to], and Jason was able to carry her back to the basket on the grass and grab the ring.)

Jason and I were talking about making wishes on stars. I noticed he was kind of shaking, and thinking that he was shivering I asked him if he was cold. (He said yes, but later I learned he was really shaking because he was nervous.) Then we both saw this enormous shooting star go across the sky. When I looked back at Jason, he slid off the bench onto one knee. At which point, my brain had two thoughts, and then froze. They were, One: “He's down on one knee.” And two: “GASP IS THIS FOR REAL?"” He pulled out the ring, and asked me if I would make his wish come true. At which point I squealed. And said yes. :)

So, that’s the story. There's more that happened afterwards, of course, like me and Tiffany squealing and giving each other hugs, and then all of us drinking sparkling apple cider back at the cabin, and calling everyone and telling them the next day. And of course, Jason and me getting married, and living happily ever after. Which we did. The end. :)"

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