Friday, August 17, 2012

Sleeves, but more awesomely Rufflebums

Day two of the craft round up! Today is all about altering onesies.

Several months ago, Jason and I were at the Gap outlet store and saw a bunch of long-sleeved onesies on sale. It was spring, and Gap was getting rid of its winter inventory. The onesies were really cheap, and I figured that I could probably alter the sleeves so that they would be more appropriate for the weather when Ellie could fit in them. So, we got our two favorites.

Ellie's finally almost big enough to start wearing them, and I've been on a sewing kick this week, so I finally got around to altering them.  I followed this tutorial here pretty much exactly. (Have you guys noticed how much I love that site, by the way? I love that site.)

They turned out great! Here's before:

And after:

She came.

She saw.

She conquered.

I added the ruffle bum too, which I love:

I should add ruffle bums to everything.

I really like how they turned out. I definitely won't be afraid to do this in the future, if I find more deals on long-sleeved onesies. If you have any that you want to alter, you should try it! :)

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  1. So adorable! Babies with rufflebums are the CUTEST :D

    It's really nice to see the potential in things for Ellie. Laptops, long sleeved onesies, and I'm sure so much more! I'm not ready to have a kid yet but I hope I have the energy to do these fun stuff for my baby when I do.

    PS-I love the conquered picture hahaha


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