Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our Moving Plans

As you know from yesterday's post, Jason has graduated from BYU! That means that he is officially done with his internship here in St. George, and we are looking forward.

Our long-term plans: Go to Texas where Jason can go to PA (Physician's Assitant) school. We want to go to the Fort Worth/Dallas area, where Jason's sister lives. There are several good schools out there that are both good academically and affordable.

Our closer plans: Go to California where Jason can work as a Medical Technologist and we can save up money. This wouldn't be a good plan if we were renting our own apartment (California is expensive), but we're actually going to be living with Jason's parents for the time that we're in California. The lack of rent plus the higher salary California offers means that we'll be able to save up a down payment for a house a lot faster than if we were to go somewhere else.

We are so excited to be going back to California for a while. We can't wait to be around our family and the friends we have down there.

Our moving plans are going forward; we listed our apartment online last week and within a very short time found a nice family to take over our contract. We've really liked living here; it's been a great apartment in a perfect location for us here in the city. We were in a great ward and I'm so glad we were exactly where we were.

We're planning to move August 31/September 1st (a Friday and Saturday). My dad, amazingly enough, owns a moving truck, and he's letting us use it for our move. So, on that Thursday my mom, stepdad, and sister are driving down from Highland to help us finish up packing. On Friday, Jason's dad (and possibly my dad, if his schedule allows) will drive up with the moving truck, and we'll pack everything up. On Saturday, we'll drive down to California and unpack at the house.

Ellie can help us unpack.

In the next couple weeks (both here and once we're in California), Jason will be finishing up getting registered as a medical technologist. He'll take the finals for his physics class and biochemistry class (both online classes which he had to take because of California's unique registration requirements) and take the national registry exam. (In case you were wondering, he didn't have to finish those two classes before he graduated from BYU; one of them isn't even through BYU.) After he passes the registry, he will be an MLS (ASCP) (a Medical Lab Scientist as certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathology). Whew! And once he is, and California puts his paperwork through their bureaucracy (which could take longer than we want), he'll be registered to work in California and can then start working at a hospital there.

So that's what the rest of our month looks like. Packing and preparing to move, and Jason finishing requirements to be registered as a medical technologist. Woot!


  1. What an exciting time for you guys! Good luck with te move!

  2. Ellie and I already have similar movie tastes! I looove You've Got Mail!

  3. California qualification stuff is definitely nuts, good luck!


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