Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jason's Handiwork

Over the next couple of days I'll be posting the various things that Jason and I have been making lately. We're going to start off with Jason today, because he's awesome.

About a two months ago Jason saw this piano bench/side table thing by our dumpster:

He grabbed it because it's the perfect size and height to go right next to our couch, and he set about fixing it up. It was in pretty bad condition.

The top (which lifts up, like a piano bench), was broken off its hinges:

And the whole table was covered in this rough, almost sticky layer of old varnish. In this next picture, Jason's already sanded like a third of the top and you can see the difference:

After sanding the whole thing by hand, he used black wood stain to transform it.



It is so much better now, all nice and smooth and black. It's been right next to our couch ever since he fixed it up, and it's perfect.

Another project that he did was for Ellie. She loves to play with our computers (especially the keyboards), which we like to prevent. We had this old, broken laptop in one of our closets, so we pulled it out for her to play with. It was pretty heavy, though, and she couldn't move it very well. So, Jason took the laptop apart, removed most of its guts, and filled it with cotton. He also removed the old black screen (which was pretty heavy itself), took an old white binder apart, and used the binder cover as the new screen. Since it's white plastic, Ellie will be able to use whiteboard markers on it in the future. Jason also left the clear plastic sheet on the cover, so we can slide pictures in the side. Here it is:


Now it's "Ellie's computer." And she does indeed like to play with it.

Jason is so talented and creative. :)


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