Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Food, food, food

Hola! So, as I was putting together some pictures from our last couple weeks, I realized that they were all related to food! We like food. A lot. If Jason and I suddenly had tons of money, we would probably spend most of it on food. So, here are some of our food-related activities from the past couple weeks.

Exhibit 1: Food in a cup

A couple Fridays ago, for date night, we had a Wall-E themed date. We watched the movie (naturally) and had all of our dinner in cups (since, in the movie, they eat all their food from cups). It was weird, and funny, and fun.

Exhibit 2: More baby food than we know what to do with

Basically, this picture is just to show you that we have baby food coming out of our ears. (After I typed that, it sounded weird. But that's an expression, right?) Ellie's trying all sorts of new flavors, and doing pretty good with getting used to them.

Exhibit 3: Ellie's new fruit muncher

When we were in the baby food aisle at the grocery store last week, we saw these awesome mesh food muncher things. Basically, you stick a piece of food in the mesh and close it, and then your baby can munch on it and taste it through the mesh. It seemed like the perfect solution to a problem we have - Ellie likes to eat everything, but we're always worried she's going to choke. With these, she gets to taste stuff and we don't have to worry! So, we got them for her. She loves them. We just pop frozen pieces of fruit in there and give them to her, and she munches and sucks away.

This thing is the best!

Exhibit 4:
Texas Roadhouse date

Last week, two cool things happened: Jason graduated (way cool) and my blog reached 100,000 views (less cool, but still fun). To celebrate, we went to Texas Roadhouse. Jason got a delicious burger, and I got a delicious steak, and we both got to eat delicious rolls.


I love those rolls, and I don't normally even like rolls. That's an endorsement right there.

So, yup! We love food. And we love Ellie's new fruit muncher.


  1. That's crazy to me that you have so many views and you aren't even into the blogging community!! It's because you are so awesomely creative and people love your stuff! :) I've never been to Texas Roadhouse but I've always wanted to try it. I love Wall-E! I was just saying to Michael yesterday that I want to get that movie for Emily (and, for me too haha) and he was saying how expensive Disney movies are :(

    1. I know! It's all due to the Mr. Potato Head quiet book page, seriously. It got huge on pinterest. I might get more involved in the blogging community once we get to California and I have more time; I'm definitely planning on giving my blog a facelift, at least. Once I get my hands on those new family pictures. :)

  2. That fruit muncher seems like a GREAT idea! I've love to get a couple for my little cousin who just became 5 months so food is on the horizon :)

  3. @Shelley - Wall-E is Disney/Pixar. I find that recording movies on DVR is much better (and cheaper) to get my Disney fix (AND I WORK AT DISNEY!) In case you want some to plan ahead, Mulan is playing Sept 14th at 12:30PM, Bolt is Sept 30th at 8PM, and Lion King is Sept 19th at 5:25PM.

    I sound so cheap now hahahaha

    1. That's genius! I'm totally going to record Mulan when it comes along. That's one of my favorites, and one we don't have yet.

      We got our Wall-E copy free through the Disney Rewards program, woot! :) We got "Sky High" through that too, which was pretty cool.

  4. Before Iris was born we had a serious problem with just taking pictures of food! lol =) We love food here too, probably too much! That mesh baby food thing looks AWESOME! What a genius idea! And I heartily agree about Texas Roadhouse rolls. Mmm!

    1. Food is just so fun to take pictures of, haha! And yeah, we seriously love the mesh thing. It was a totally random find, too. We were just getting baby food and happened to look up at all the toys/spoons/bowls above the food, and saw it. And Ellie just loves it. Although, I have to admit, getting the mushed up fruit out of the mesh after she's done is slightly gross. :) Nothing too bad, though.


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