Wednesday, August 1, 2012

End of July Recap

Hola! It's August. That's insane. Sorry I haven't blogged in a while; I just haven't felt the urge, you know? But I feel like I'm falling behind on documenting what we're doing, so I'm doing an end of July recap post.

Sarah and Tyler paid us a surprise visit last Monday. They were coming down from Sarah's family reunion in Idaho (by the way, did you know that Sarah has over seventy cousins on that side of her family. Seventy.) and called us to say they were in St. George! We had no idea they were coming, and were excited/thrilled to hear they were here. We had dinner with them at this place called Durrango's (very similar to Cafe Rio) and then played games at our apartment. Seriously, it was such a great surprise.

We also got a new computer! Jason's old desktop (which wasn't that old - like three years. Oh, computers.) started giving us this really worrisome error message a couple weeks ago. It was something along the lines of, "Back up your computer in the next fourteen seconds or every single scrap of your data will be destroyed forever in a black pit of doom. All buttons have now been reprogrammed to 'Self Destruct.' Peace out." And we were like, "Oh no!" So, we immediately backed up everything and then tried to decide what to do. Should we use the computer until it died (which it was threatening to do at any moment, any time we used it) or get another one now? Well, after a couple weeks of thinking about it and researching different computers, we decided to go for it and get a new one.

Here's our old computer:

And our new one:

It's Dell Inspiron One , and it has a terabyte of memory. A TERABYTE. THESE CAPITAL LETTERS AREN'T BIG ENOUGH. (Also, the word terabyte reminds me of dinosaurs. I think because of Pterodactyls. Did you know Pterodactyls have multiple sets of teeth, like sharks? At least, that's what "Dinosaur Train" told me.) (Hang on. Google is telling me Pterosaurs didn't have any teeth at all. Dinosaur Train lied!) It's pretty sweet. It's also one of those "all-in-one" kinds, so it doesn't have a tower. What you see in the picture is the whole computer - the hard drive and screen are all in one. Also, the screen is ginormous. We really like it.

In baby news, my friend Becca had her baby this week! WOOT! So exciting!!!!!! Her name is Piper Elizabeth and she is 8 lbs 1 ounce. We are so happy that she and Becca are both doing well. You can see some pictures of her here.

We harvested some food at the ward jungle (whoops - I mean the ward garden) yesterday. Jason had the day off (after having worked all weekend) so we went over. We haven't been in quite a while, and it appears not many other people have either. It is SO overgrown. We weeded it a lot in the beginning, but it was too much work for just the two of us and the one other family that came a lot, so it's gotten kind of wild.

Harvesting the food was seriously kind of like diving into a jungle. The weeds on the "carrot" row, for example, were taller than me. In fact, we weren't even sure what was supposed to be growing on each row. I'd trek down one row, pushing my way through the weeds, investigating the ground to see if I could find some sort of clue. And, eventually, I could (usually) figure out what that row was. Jason had Ellie strapped to his front in the baby carrier, so he mostly stayed out of the tall weeds. She had a blast, by the way. She loves being in that carrier.

Here was our haul:

We got lots of beets (we left most with the next-door neighbor, to give to other ward members), carrots, corn, tomatoes, squash, and a couple peppers. Yum!

Anyway, all of those things seem pretty random all put together, but that's what we've been up to! An Ellie update is coming tomorrow. :)


  1. can I just say how much I LOVE how you blog exactly like you talk? haha your tangent about dinosaurs made me laugh. :) You are awesome!

  2. Never thought I'd hear computers being connected to dinosaurs in a hilarious left turn. Glad to see that the family's getting along beautifully!

  3. Hahaha I love you and the way you think!


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