Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ellie Update

Ellie is  now 7 1/2 months! She is so old. She acts so old. You know what I mean? She can do all sorts of things she didn't use to be able to. She's growing up so fast!

Ellie is up to all sorts of things:

Crawling:  She can crawl really well.

Standing: She can pull herself to standing (and does so all. day. long. It's all she does all day now. Crawl somewhere, stand up. Crawl somewhere else, stand up again. and so on and so forth.)

Oh captain, my captain!

Walking: She's not walking on her own, but she loves it when we hold her hands and help her "run." And it's the cutest thing ever. Ever. 

(Please just mute this video as you watch it. I mean, my voice. My voice. It's like daggers in my brain.)


Eating: She is now eating (in pretty good quantities) carrots and squash. (Any suggestions for getting carrot stains out, by the way?) We're going to start her on some more foods this week. We just started her on oatmeal baby cereal, too (Thanks Lanette for the suggestion!). We got the Beechnut brand of rice cereal and oatmeal cereals because it doesn't have soy, while the Gerber kind does. We're trying to avoid soy with Ellie, because of my strong allergy to it. We're trying help her avoid a developing a sensitivity to it. (By the way, I heard an estimate this week that  90% of grocery store foods have a corn or soy ingredient in them. Bah. Soy is evil.)

(I love her expression in these next two.)

We also got her a sippy cup! She took to it right away; she seemed to figure out really fast how to use it. So far, we've just put water in it, and she just uses it as a toy.


Teeth: None yet.

Talking: Ellie said is saying "Mama" now! Well, usually more like, "Mamamamama." But she's definitely doing it in reference to when she wants us, and more usually when she wants me specifically! It's so cute whenever she says it. My heart is like, "Awwww. My baby." And I have to stop whatever I'm doing and go to her. 

She talks a lot! She's been babbling a ton (in general, not just "Mamama") lately. It's soooo cute. Also, if we jiggle her or pat our hand her lips, she'll make an "Aaaah" noise so she can hear it go "Ah-ah-ah-ah." Does that make sense? It's cute.
Random: She loves to smack her tongue. I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but she just loves to make smacking and tocking noises with her tongue and the top of her mouth. She also has some inner magnet that leads her to loose carpet fibers, which she subsequently shoves in her mouth and we have to run over and dig them out. One more thing: lately, she's been trying to put toys in our mouths, and laughs when we pretend to eat them. Funny girl.

We love Ellie so much! She is so full of personality, and I don't think I really capture that her on the blog, but she is just so funny and spunky and just adorable. We love her!!!


  1. She's growing up too fast! We need to come see her!!!!! :)

  2. Heavens, she is so darling! And growing up so fast! What a smart, cute, MOBILE baby! Fun!


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