Friday, July 13, 2012

Week at Nana's

Well, as you now know, we've been in California this week! We've been at Jason's parents' house. They're Ellie's "Nana and Papa," and they're amazing. They're seriously so great.

Here's Ellie taking a bath in Nana's sink:

Jason's sister Tiffany and her family also flew in this week. We're so excited to see them! We haven't seen them since Sarah and Tyler's wedding, over a year ago. Skylar, Tiffany's one-year-old daughter, hadn't even been born then. This is the first time we've met her, and the first time all the grandkids have been together!

All the babies!!!

Mikayla doing a ballet move.

Ellie and Emily escaping.

Like I mentioned in our Lake Arrowhead post, it was Jason's birthday yesterday!!! His mom made him a cake, with "help" from Mikayla and Aubrey.

Remember how last year she made the Darth Vader/Unicorn cake? Well, this year she made an alligator cake! (Jason couldn't think of anything to top Darth Vader, so he requested an alligator since his nieces like them.)

Fun fun fun!

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