Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tons of weddings and cute children

As I mentioned last week, Jason, Ellie, and I just spent an awesome week in California with family. We got to spend time with our adorable nieces:






Ellie loved spending time with her cousins and aunts and uncles. She is so social and is so content when we're around lots of people.

We also got to go to two weddings on Saturday! First we went to Jason's cousin Julie's wedding, which was out in San Dimas. It was so pretty and it was really good to be able to be there.

Afterward we went to our friend Caitlin's wedding reception, which was back in Yorba Linda. They did a French theme with lots of flowers, and it was so cute! They also had delicious cake and these sweet temple cookies:

Their aunt made these! We were so impressed. The camera flash wiped out the detail, but you can see that they were shaped like the Salt Lake Temple with a heart cut-out in the middle. They were also frosted white with cute decorative swirls and a golden sprinkle at top where Moroni would be. Seriously adorable, and impressive.

Ellie and I with beautiful Caitlin!

A third wedding took place on Saturday; our brother-in-law Jarom's sister got married. Jason's sister Tiffany, Jarom, and their girls (Skylar, Mikayla, and Aubrey) went to her reception while we went to the other weddings on Saturday.

Also, on Saturday morning we took family pictures with our friend Wendy! She had her own photography business, which you can check out here on her Facebook page or here on her website. She is such a great photographer and I'm really excited to see how the pictures turned out!

We had such a great week in California. We loooved seeing family and being able to spend time with them and friends.

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  1. The temple cookie looks amazing! And it looks like a fun trip :) family time is the best!


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