Wednesday, July 4, 2012

June in Review

Happy Independence Day, everyone! We're hanging out with family today. :) I hope you're enjoying yourself, maybe having a picnic or watching fireworks. Hopefully doing something fun!

I want to do a summary post of June; I didn't do a lot of posts last month about what we were doing, so here's one big one to cover the whole month.

The first weekend of June, we headed up north for my good friend Melissa's wedding. In the days after we got back, Ellie had her first solid foods! Here she is trying rice cereal for the first time:

She really liked it at first and would eat the rice cereal every time we gave it to her. Now, she doesn't eat it. She just blows bubbles in her spoon. She gets excited to see the cereal, but not because she wants to eat. She just wants to blow bubbles. It cracks me up; I'll seriously just be laughing the whole time I'm trying to feed her because she's so excited to stick her lips in the cereal and blow bubbles.

(Please excuse my "baby voice" in this video. It's really embarrassing to her myself. But Ellie's so cute.)

That next Friday, Jason and I went on a fun date to a Mexican restaurant in town and then bowling! The Mexican food place is called Irmita's, and we've been wanting to check it out for a while. They have several here in St. George. It was good food and had a really festive atmosphere; it reminded me of the Tiki Room at Disneyland. We liked it.

We went bowling at Dixie Bowl. We haven't been bowling in a really long time, so it was great to be able to do it again. Since we were there in the middle of the afternoon, we had the place pretty much to ourselves. This really old couple came while we were playing, and they were awesome! Their balls had really good spin on them. You'd think that the old man's ball was going to go into the gutter, but then it would swerve and hit right in the middle of all the pins. It was impressive.

Our rustiness showed in our scores for our first game, so we declared that one a "warm-up game." We did much better in the second round.

(As evidenced here!)

The week after that, I got a new calling at church. I was called to be the 2nd Counselor in the Young Women's organization. I am so excited! I seriously love all the girls already. They are so cute and amazing and I am really glad that I get to work with them.

The same week that the new presidency was called, we had Girl's Camp! (I know, crazy, right?) I didn't have to go because of Ellie, but Jason and I drove up to camp for dinner and the testimony meeting on Friday night. It was fun and the testimony meeting with the girls in our ward was so good. I'm glad I got to be there.

We had Ellie for dinner.

She didn't mind.

These were sugar cookies! Intense, huh? It was so pretty I didn't want to eat it.

That same week was the week my family went to Lake Powell. Jason and I couldn't go because of his work/internship, but we still got to see them as they drove through St. George to go to and come back from the lake.

Ellie loves her Grandpa!

We've watched several movies this month, such as "Fried Green Tomatoes," "The Help," and "The Adjustment Bureau." (We get all our movies from the library. They're free. We looove our library.) Jason hadn't seen Fried Green Tomatoes before, and neither of us had seen The Help or The Adjustment Bureau. Quick side note about The Adjustment Bureau: isn't it interesting that the moviemakers kind of got it opposite? They said that God is the one who takes away agency (free will), but really it's the other way around; Satan tries to take away our agency, and God is the one who gives it to us and protects it. Anyway, just kind of interesting. They were thinking the right themes, but they got it backwards.

This last date night we decorated blank onesies for Ellie. They turned out awesome. I posted about them yesterday. Here's the ever-talented Jason making a seriously awesome onesie:

And finally for our June round-up, yesterday Jason and I drove out to New Harmony for a going-away party for one of our coworkers. Have you ever heard of New Harmony? Probably not, because it's so small that it's off one of the freeway exits that says "No services." Yeah, it's that small. But it's really cool, and Jason and I loved how open it was and how much land everybody had. When Jason and I have our own settled house one day, we want a lot of land. We want a big garden, and trees, and openness. One day.

To sum it all up, here's some random pictures of Ellie!

Happy 4th of July!


  1. The first picture with Ellie in the pot looks kind of like Emily's smirk, lol. Loved the update!

  2. So fun! That sugar cookie is amazing, wow! And Iris loved the videos of Ellie eating of course--she laughed or smiled the whole time. Iris liked the oatmeal cereal best back in the day =)


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