Monday, July 9, 2012

A fiery 4th of July

Hi everybody! I hope you all had a great 4th of July this last week. We were lucky enough to have my mom, stepdad, and sister Sydney in town, and we had lots of fun with them. My mom and stepdad drove down to pick up Sydney, who had just gone to Girl's Camp in California with her friend from our old ward. They hung out in St. George for a couple days, and it was great! 

 On the 4th of July, we had a picnic at the Brooks Nature Park. We found it using the St. George Parks website. We kind of expected it to be crowded (it being Independence day and all), but since it was such a secluded park we had it entirely to ourselves!

We had a picnic and enjoyed the pretty scenery.

After lunch and a stroll around the park, we played "Bocce Rock." It's a new game we invented ourselves. It's just like Bocce Ball, except...with rocks. 

Okay, really we're just cheapos and we don't own a Bocce Ball set. So, we simply found some nice round rocks at the park to play with! They worked just fine. It probably would have been easier with a real Bocce Ball set, but Bocce Rock was really fun. :)

Our 4th of July night was pretty interesting. After we hung out at our apartment some more, went swimming in the pool, and had dinner, Jason had to go back to work. He had gotten a call earlier from a girl at the lab asking if he could cover her shift, as she had a family emergency. He said yes, of course, but that meant he had to go in at 8 pm for the graveyard shift.

He left at 7:45ish, as it was beginning to get darkish. Now, as you probably all know, we've had a ton of fires here in Utah (and in the western states in general) in the last week. St. George is just as dry and ready to burn as every other place in the west, and so we were kind of nervous about the amateur fireworks people would be doing that night. And we had a reason to be - even before Jason left, some idiots started a fire just two blocks away in a dry field right next to some apartment buildings. Luckily, the fire department was on top of things and put the fire out really fast, but it set the tone for the night. I jokingly asked Jason if he would come home if our house burned down, and he (of course) said yes. But after he left, that started seeming like a real possibility.

Right after Jason left, Mom, Sydney, Stefan, and I threw some of those little popper things (I don't know what they're called, but they're those little white paper-covered things that make snappy noises) and then hung out inside for a while. Not too much later (maybe about 9 pm) we went outside to do sparklers, and saw a big plume of smoke past these apartment buildings right in front of us. I knew there were dry fields between us and the freeway, and I guessed that's where the fire was. Stefan and Sydney hopped in the van to go see how close the fire was, and Mom and I hung out outside for a couple minutes (where the air was hazy with smoke), and then went back inside.

I started to get really nervous. My aunt and uncle in Alpine had been evacuated from their house because of the Quail Creek Fire just the day before, and the possibility of fire was just very real. I knew that the fire we saw from our front doorstop almost certainly wouldn't get to us (even though it was just a couple blocks away) because the fire department wouldn't let it, but we have a dry field full of dry, crackly bushes right behind our apartment. What if some idiot started a fire ten feet away from us? The fire department wouldn't have time to put it out before it reached our apartment building. The thought was freaking me out, so my mom suggested that we put together some things that we could just throw in the van and leave with if we needed to. So we went around the apartment and collected the most important things and put them in the front room, and then I felt a little bit better. Stefan and Sydney got back and said that the fire department had successfully put out the fire (which was only like three blocks away from us). Mom reasurred me that she and Stefan would stay at our apartment until the fireworks were all done that night, which made me feel better.

Things were a bit better after that. We did do sparklers (responsibly, I might add, without setting anything or anyone on fire) and watched the big St. George fireworks show from our front lawn. After Stefan and Mom left to spend the night at my aunt and uncle's, Sydney stayed the night with me here at our apartment so Ellie and I wouldn't be alone.

So, apart from the fire scare, we really did have a good 4th. We've had a good week since then, too; Mom, Stefan, and Sydney stayed with us for a good part of Thursday before they went home, we had a nice, relaxing weekend, and I put together my 2011 Lulu Blog Book (thought I'm waiting to find a Lulu coupon before I print it). And, most exciting of all, we're driving down to California tomorrow to spend time with family. Woot! We can't wait.


  1. Wow, I'd be freaking out too! That was a good idea to pack some things--I think it's totally true that if you're prepared you won't fear. =) And what cute family pics! You are gorgeous!

  2. Bocce Rock! Hahahaha, I love you guys! I'm also glad your apartment didn't catch on fire.


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