Friday, July 13, 2012

Cabin at Lake Arrowhead

First of all, I just want to let you know that it was Jason's birthday yesterday. He turned 24. :) He is seriously the best husband in the whole world and I love him so much. I am so lucky to be married to him.

We've had an awesome week. You know how I said that we were planning to drive down to California on Tuesday? Well, we actually drove down on Monday! It was really sudden. Jason found someone to cover his Tuesday work shift, and so about Monday at noon we suddenly changed plans to drive down at 4 o'clock that afternoon. Luckily, I had been getting ready for our trip all day, so it didn't take too much additional work to get us ready to go.

We got in to Jason's parents' house late Monday night. On Tuesday we hung out with his family and took Ellie over to my dad's office, where he showed her off to all of his colleagues. Later that day, Jason's brother Michael, his wife Shelley, and their baby Emily came over to Jason's parents' house too. We all had dinner together and had a lot of fun watching the babies play together. Ellie really liked playing with her cousin and loved Michael and Shelley's dog, Jexi. She kept trying to grab Jexi's tail or fur and we had to show her how to gently pat the dog instead. After dinner we went over to Tyler (Jason's brother) and Sarah's new apartment, and hung out with them and our friend Brett (who's engaged! to our friend Candace! Woot!).

On Wednesday, after a kind of late start, we (Michael, Shelley, Emily, Jason, Ellie, and I) all drove up to Jason's grandma's cabin at Lake Arrowhead. The cabin had quite a few very large dead spiders around, which Shelly and I asked the men to handle. Ech. They were gross and scary, even when dead. Luckily, Jason and Michael didn't have a problem with them.

Ellie standing up in her pack-n-play at the cabin :)

After we settled in at the cabin, we headed down to Lake Arrowhead Village. This is the place where, three years ago in August, Jason and I got engaged. Here's the park and the bench where he proposed to me:

It was really cool to be back here. :) We haven't been here since we got engaged, and it was kind of sweet and tender to see it again.

As we walked back through the village, we stopped at a cool dog bakery where Michael and Shelley bought some treats for their dog Jexi (who was waiting for us back at the cabin). Some of the treats looked so good I would eat them myself if I didn't know they were for dogs!

We had dinner in the village and then went back to the cabin, where we spent the rest of the night playing with babies, playing games, and watching a movie. After the babies were asleep, we all tried to go to sleep too...and ran in to difficulty. We were a bit hesitant to sleep in either of the cabin's bedrooms due to the aforementioned spiders, lest there be some lurking the sheets or between the pillows. So, no problem, we decided to pull out the beds from the two couches in the family room. Except, when we took off the cushions from the couch and Jason went to go lift the bed out, he noticed something that looked like potting soil. Using Michael's phone as a flashlight to look closer, we realized that it was mouse poo! A lot of it. And a fuzzy chewed-up blanket-ball that was almost certainly a little mouse nest. The other couch proved to have the same problem.

Figuring out where to sleep was kind of difficult after that. Michael and Shelly decided to sleep on the third couch, which both seats of reclined. Jason and I decided to sleep on one of the other couches, with the cushions on. So, we didn't have much space. And, later, when I went to feed Ellie in the middle of the night, I fell asleep on the bed in one of the other rooms. I was too tired at that point to care about spiders. Apparently, I had the best sleep of the night (according to the other three). Combined with the heat, wind from the fan, dog barking and baby noises, they all had a very rough night's sleep.

In the morning we had a refreshing breakfast of poptarts and hot pockets, during the middle of which I suddenly remembered it was Jason's birthday. "Happy birthday!" I said, turning to him. "Oh yeah!" he said, sounding surprised. "It's my birthday!" We had all forgotten over the course of the long night. :)

We went on two little hikes (more like nature walks) in the morning that were really fun. One was really pretty and overlooked the mountains swooping down to the valley, and the other one went through the forest and we got to see a lot of really cool plants.

After that (and some baby naps) we went back to Alpine village, where Ellie got to swing for the first time!

At first she was nervous about it, but then relaxed and was smiling a lot.

Also, this squirrel was like the "guard squirrel." It did this high pitched call to warn all the other squirrels (who all ran into the bushes) about Jexi. It kept watching us the whole time we were there.

And after that, we headed home. We had more family waiting for us there (which I'll do a post on soon!).

Here's some funny signs we saw on our trip:

The second one's dedicated to me! (Well, it's dedicated to all nature lovers. But I count!)

We had lots of fun on our trip to Arrowhead, and Ellie and Emily really enjoyed playing together. They were fascinated by each other and kept following each other around the whole time.

Thanks to Michael and Shelley for inviting us! We had a great time.

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  1. Wow! Those dog treats look delicious. I've never wanted to be a dog more. Ha ;)


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