Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Almost 7 Months

I feel like these last couple weeks have been big ones for Ellie's development. Suddenly she's just seeming so much older than she was. She's crawling, and sitting up on her own, and talking to us (with more than just vowels - with consonants!), and reaching for us, and just interacting with us so much. Our baby is getting so big!

She's gotten a couple little bruises in the past week. :( One on her forehead, and one on the back of her head on her bald spot. They're from where she's bonked her head as she's tipped over as she's been perfecting the "sitting up on her own" thing. Our poor baby. But she's pretty resilient. She cries if she tips over too hard, but for the most part she just absorbs it and is okay.

She turns 7 months old at the end of this week, which is just nuts. This last month has flown by, and she's gotten so much older.

We love our baby!


  1. My goodness she is CUTE! I love the look she is giving the camera in these pics =) And bruises are so sad! It's amazing how tough these little ones are.

  2. She is an absolute dream. What a trooper when it comes to those bruises! It's natural though, babies bonk their heads all the time :)

    I'm so excited to meet her in person! She is a living doll!



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