Monday, June 4, 2012

Melissa's Wedding

Hi!!! I hope you've had a good last couple days.

We took a trip this weekend! My dear friend Melissa got married in the Salt Lake Temple on Saturday, and we drove up north to be able to go. We left Friday afternoon and got back yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, so it was a very short trip, but it was so good.

I had an interesting experience on our way up there. It might have been because of the glowing summer late afternoon/evening light, or because we've been living in St. George, or probably a combination of both, but I had a new perspective on all the little towns we passed along our way. I finally saw all those little towns, for the first time, as real, permanent places. I've never paid them much attention before. They've always been just nameless little blips along the freeway, unthought of and forgotten in a moment. But this time I imagined myself living in the houses of each little town with their big, pretty yards and fields, set against the hills and mountains that form the backbone of the state. I don't really know how to explain the sort of epiphany I had. It'll just have to suffice that I saw those little, beautiful towns differently than I ever have before. It was almost like I was seeing each of them for the very first time.

Well, we got in Friday night and stayed at my mom's house. Then on Saturday morning Jason and I got ready and drove up to Temple Square in Salt Lake City (we left Ellie with my mom for the morning). We parked and walked to the temple grounds, and found some of my best friends! (To explain real fast: Lizzy, Lizi, Melissa, Becca, and Jill were my freshman and sophomore roommates. Melissa is the one who got married. Jill couldn't come, because she just moved to Ohio, but the rest of us got to see each other on Saturday!) Lizzy and Lizi were both at the temple on Saturday morning, too, and we got to see Melissa when she came out! She was beautiful. She wore a very classic, vintage-y dress and shoes, and was just adorable. I hadn't met her husband, Alex, until Saturday, but I've heard so many good things about him and he seems like a really stellar guy.


and Lizzzzzzi!!!!!!

Lizi, Nathan, and their adorable kids

Roommate hug! Melissa's buried underneath there.

Isn't she beautiful?

All the roommates (who were there) and husbands

Melissa and Alex had their luncheon at Alex's home church building. They served dutch oven food, which was fun and yummy. 

Alex wrote Melissa a song :)

Between the luncheon and reception, Jason and I were able to go to my sister Sydney's piano recital. She played the William Tell Overture (one of my long-time favorite songs) and did a great job!

The reception was in the beautiful backyard of one of Alex's family's friends. It was so fun and cute, and they served this yummy lavender lemonade that I'm still thinking about days later. I got to see our other roommate, Becca, and her husband Trevor. Becca's just a month and a half away from having a little girl! It was so good to see all of my roommates and to catch up with them. I love them!

Ellie in her beautiful hat. That she tried to eat. Naturally.

Melissa's shoes! Adorable.

I love these girls!!!

We stayed Saturday night at my dad's house in Provo. He was so excited to see Ellie and play with her. He's so good with little kids. She loved playing with her grandpa.

Ellie loves her grandpa!

And that's what we did this weekend!


  1. KILLS ME!!!! I love you guys! In fact I had a dream last night that confirms how much I love our roommates and friendships. How the heck did we get so lucky!? Melissa was beautiful!


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