Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ellie in her car seat

These are from about a month ago. :) Also, did I tell you that Ellie can crawl? Ellie can crawl. It's the army crawl they all seem to do before real crawling. She's crawling all over the place now, like a little commando. It's great, because it keeps her more entertained. Anyway, just thought you should know!


  1. We have that same car seat! It's the best! And yeah Ellie! Crawling is a huge step. YAY!

    Oh and Iris's exact comment: "BABY!!!! AHHHHHHHH!"

  2. I can't stand how gosh darn ADORABLE she is!!!!


  3. When you come to visit in a couple of weeks, we'll have 3 very mobile babies here!


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