Monday, May 21, 2012

The Solar Eclipse

Hi all! So, in case you missed it, we (the western half of the United States) had a solar eclipse yesterday. And we (me and Jason), being in St. George, were actually in the perfect location for it! We happened to be in the small strip of land that saw the "ring of fire," or a full annular eclipse, rather than just a partial eclipse. We lucked out!

We decided to watch the eclipse from our church, which is up on the top of a hill and has a great lawn area. When we got up there (about 6:30 pm), we found we weren't the only ones with the idea! There were a lot of people up there to watch the eclipse. It was fun. It was kind of like a party.

These are our eclipse sunglasses. They were cheap ($2), were named "The Eclipsers" (really), and we got them on Saturday to protect our eyes as we watched the eclipse. Regular sunglasses wouldn't protect us enough. They were funny, though; you couldn't see anything but the sun through them. Some of the instructions on them were "Don't move around while wearing glasses." We thought that was really funny, and even funnier when we realized it was because they were afraid you were going to run into stuff!

I took a picture of this family when they weren't looking. It was just such a funny sight.
I read online beforehand how to take pictures of the eclipse; to protect my camera, I had to put the funny glasses in front of the lens. And here's the eclipse!

At the full eclipse, the light all around us was so weird. So much dimmer than it should be, and really pinkish. It was really cool. Here we are at the full eclipse:

The sun was also making cool shadows at the full eclipse. Here's the sun through the trees on a piece of cardboard that the people next to us had:

Ellie and Jason cuteness:

It was really awesome and really exciting. We are so lucky to have been in the perfect location for this eclipse. Go astronomy!


  1. so much fun! I'm jealous you were in the perfect location!


  2. Awesome pictures of the eclipse!

  3. Really cool! You got great pictures!


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