Monday, May 14, 2012

Protecting Ellie

So, I've been pondering lately what to do about my blog's security now that we have Ellie. I've heard several horror stories of bad things happening to people's pictures of their children on their blog, but I don't want to put our blog as private as that would stop a lot of our friends from being able to view it. I've wanted to find some way to stop Ellie's picture from being copied off the blog.

Well, today I searched Google and I found this! You add this code as a widget to your blog and people can no longer right click and save your images. I've added it to my blog, and it works! You can't copy the pictures anymore. I'm excited. :) You might want to try this if you're worried about people copying your pictures.


  1. Those eyes!! Ellie should be a baby model!

  2. Nice! I get so worried about internet safety too. And I agree with the last comment--your little girl is a beauty!

  3. thanks for sharing! Super useful!!

  4. Awesome! I made my blog public because of this nice feature. Thank you, Jocey!


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