Thursday, April 26, 2012

Water Park

Hi all! Remember how I mentioned in this post that we found a public little water park in the middle of historic St. George? Well, we took Ellie there last weekend! We've had a heat wave here the last couple days, and on Saturday it super hot. So, perfect day to go!

Ellie in her swimsuit!

Holy cow. She's adorable.

The stream on one end of the water area

The big water play area with flat rocks kids can climb on

This is where the water originates - these waterfalls along the sidewalk.

She is so cute.

So tiny!

I really liked the waterfalls; the cold water felt awesome on our legs.

They also had one of those big fountains you can play in.

We played in the stream last. I think Ellie liked this part the best; she wanted to sit down in the water and touch it.

It was a really fun place. We're definitely going back there to play more now that the weather's warm.


  1. What a fun place! And Ellie is SO cute! Especially in her adorable little swim suit and hat!

  2. Okay, three things!
    -Where did you get that swimsuit?! It is SO cute! I died! It's adorable!
    -Ellie is adorable!
    -I want to move there and go to that waterpark. It looks so fun! =)

    1. Thanks! :D We got the swimsuit at Kohl's. Her grandma actually first sent us a really cute rainbow tankini, but it was super snug on her and we decided to exchange it for something she could wear the whole summer. And we found this! I love it too. :) Also, I was talking to a girl in my ward today and she said that they're installing a lot of these "splashpads" in parks all around the city. Woot! We're going to try to find some more.

  3. She is to teeny and adorable!

  4. Ellie is seriously too cute!! If you guys are ever in Idaho I want to see her!

  5. What a cutie pie!! Love her swimsuit!!


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