Monday, April 2, 2012

St. George Temple Family Night

Every week Jason and I reserve Monday night for what we call "Family Night." It's just what it sounds like: a night that we spend together as a family. We've been doing it since we got married, and we're going to continue doing it for, well, ever. We do it to strengthen our family, which right now consists of me, Jason, and Ellie, and will one day have more kids. The world is pretty crazy, and it's good to have at least one night a week to focus on family. Our church has some resources and cool stuff, too, to help you hold it with your own family.

Last week for family night Jason, Ellie, and I went to the St. George Temple. It's only a couple minutes away from our house, which is sweet. I've always loved the St. George Temple; it's so beautiful and has some really cool stories in its history.

We walked around and enjoyed its beauty and the peaceful spirit of the grounds, and read this article about Jesus Christ and how he is risen. It was a perfect thing to read prior to Easter coming up; short but beautiful and full of truth.

I really do love my family. :)


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