Saturday, April 7, 2012

St. George Art Festival

Today was kind of a funny day. As you know, Jason and I have been spending our last couple Saturdays hiking the trails around St. George. Well, today we had kind of a late start to the day due to us sleeping in and then cleaning our whole apartment, and we were both a bit too tired to go hiking somewhere. So, we tried to find something else to do by looking up the museums and other things that are around here, and eventually settled on going to Brigham Young's winter house.

We got all ready and got in the car. But like two seconds into driving, Jason admitted that he thought Brigham Young's house sounded kind of boring. Well, I didn't want to go if he didn't want to go, and so we tried to figure out what else to do.

So, we were driving down the street, now destination-less, and trying to decide what to do. When we saw...a festival! With tons of people! And lots of white tents!

It was the St. George Art Festival! (Which we'd never heard of before right then.) Perfect! We circled around until we found some parking, hopped out of the car, and made our way to the festival. It was in the middle of the historic part of St. George, in between the library, art building, and St. George Tabernacle. The park (and I didn't know this, and it is SO cool) has these water features that kids can play in. It's basically a mini-water park that you can just go hop in. How sweet is that? We're totally coming back to play with Ellie once we get her a swimsuit.

We saw lots of cool stuff, including the Dowdle Folk Art guy! He's the one who makes all those cool puzzles. I wanted to get a picture with him, but I was embarrassed because that was dorky, so I just got this creepy stalker picture of his stall instead. Problem solved.

This was a MOOSE made of METAL! He had metal muscles and a furry metal bum.
Actually, on second thought, this is probably an elk. See the antlers?
Yup. just googled it. Definitely an elk.

Since we were right there, we also went to the St. George Tabernacle. They were giving tours, but none were starting right away so we just walked around inside by ourselves. It was cool.

Ellie was doing her best to eat Jason's hair.

These stairs were crazy steep! They even had a sign.

Fun day!


  1. You two can make fun wherever you go! Ellie is a lucky little girl. My friends and I were in Hurricane last weekend. We hiked Gooseberry Mesa (super cool!) and Snow Canyon State Park (gorgeous!).

  2. So fun! I know I've said it before, but I'm sooo jealous--I love St. George. Seeing all the fun stuff you guys do there just makes me want to move there even more! ;) And Brigham Young's winter home was a pretty fun tour when we went, but it was in the summer, and it was HOT, so if you guys go anytime soon, I'd suggest before it heats up =)

  3. So fun! I love unexpected adventures like that!


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