Thursday, April 5, 2012

Conference Weekend

It feels kind of funny to be writing a normal post after yesterday's super long one, but life goes on!

We had a great general conference weekend. Our good friends Jill and Tommy came to stay, and we had tons of fun with them. They got here on Friday and stayed until Monday morning, so we got them for the whole weekend. It was awesome. They have a little boy named Bradley who's 7 months old, and it was fun to have him and Ellie play with (/stare at) each other the whole time.

The two daddies. :)

Bradley's foot vs. Ellie's foot

On Friday afternoon, we went hiking with them at the Red Cliffs Recreation Area. It was sooo pretty, and we went at a great time of day. We hiked a couple different trails (more like nature paths, really), and were pleasantly surprised when one led to some Anasazi ruins. Wooden covers protected the ruins, which were these stone pits in the ground where the Anasazis had stored grain and stuff. Pretty sweet.

Also, it was caterpillar exploding season. And by that, I mean there were these big nests of caterpillars (everywhere) that caterpillars were exploding out of all around us. Also pretty sweet.

Jason and Tommy hiked up this thing really high. Really fast.

We played games every night, which was great. Tommy and Jill are like our "game buddies." We also realized that we're slowly both acquiring all of the same games, because we'll like one of their games and eventually get it, and they'll like one of our games and eventually get it. So we're both building up great game stocks. (Also, how many times did I just say "great" or "games?")

We watched conference at Jason's mom's friend Paige's house. Paige and her family are awesome. Paige, if you are reading this, you are and your family are awesome. Just so you know. We loved watching conference at your house.

It was seriously a great weekend. Friends, more friends, and conference. It's really hard to beat that. :)


  1. it's true - it is hard to beat that. We had soooo much fun! Thanks again for having us and for being so awesome! we love you guys!

  2. Ellie is beautiful! I love that picture of Ellie resting her head on Bradley!


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