Monday, February 27, 2012

Whirlwind California Trip

So, we decided last minute (just a couple days ago) that we were going to come down to California for Alyse and Tanner's California reception. They stayed at our apartment on Friday night, we caught a ride with them down to Yorba Linda on Saturday, we hung out with family and friends all Saturday and went to the reception, and caught a ride back to St. George on Sunday with my mom and stepdad.

Jason with Emily

We met our niece Emily for the first time. She's so cute! Here are her and Ellie meeting each other.

And here are some more pictures of Ellie. I can't resist. 

Jason giving Ellie a Swedish massage. She likes those.

She also got to try riding a dog (Michael and Shelley's chihuahua Jexi, to be exact). She loved it.

We had a great time in California, and are planning to go back in just a couple weeks for another short trip to go to our friend's wedding. It's great to go home, even if for just half a day!

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