Friday, February 24, 2012

A Bit Surreal

Okay, so I'm sure all of you know who Nienie is, right? The woman who survived a plane crash with her husband and now blogs about her life and her recovery? Right? Great.

Well, this last week I was reading her last couple posts, and I came across this one and totally did a double take. That's my doctor! That's the little exam room I waited in a million times over the course of my pregnancy! Nienie is seeing the very same doctor who delivered Ellie! It's so strange to see that picture of the exam room with my doctor in it - it's like a picture straight out of my memory, minus Nienie and her family. Kind of surreal.

Anyway, in case you wanted to know who delivered Ellie, that's him!


  1. yeah when I saw that I was pretty sure that was your doctor. And then I was positive when I saw the birth announcement board in the room. :)

  2. So, even weirder....Dr. Judd delivered Mary Joy and Kirsten too! He's been around for awhile! Then, he found me a doctor in the OC who he knew from med school when we moved back from the Y. Small world! Ellie is adorable! Oh, and he was a lot younger then...and so was I!

  3. He is my doctor too! Ha! He is by far the BEST IN THE WORLD. He has delivered over 10,000 babies.. and has personally delivered 20 with my husband (while my husband was doing rounds in the hospital). He was of course my number one pick!Did you like him? Any info I may want to know?


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