Saturday, January 28, 2012

More Pictures of Ellie

Here are some more pictures of our darling girl. :)

I love this one, with her face all squooshed up. :)

She loves baths. :)


She's doing great. She has her two-month appointment in a week and a half (crazy!). She is still getting herself on a schedule. She had a growth spurt last week that threw everything really out of whack; I had like three or four days in a row where Ellie stayed up allllllll night and then slept during the day. Those were really, really tiring nights. But for the last two days she's slept pretty good at night, and I'm hoping she'll continue with that.

About her growth spurt: wow! I didn't realize how MUCH they can grow in just a couple days. She outgrew her newborn clothes in like two days. Little newborn pants that reached her ankles last week are now like a full inch above her ankles! Impressive.


  1. It's crazy huh? All of a sudden my little guy (who just turned six months) can totally fit 12 month onesies....they grow so fast! Ellie is a cutie :]


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