Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas (yeah...very late)

On Christmas Eve (almost a month ago now!) and Christmas we stayed at my mom's house in Highland. We got to hang out with family, and it was awesome.

On Christmas Eve we spent a good part of the afternoon all making stockings (since none of us had any, and my mom had tons of random, extra fabrics in her sewing room). On Christmas day we got to skype with my brother, Banks, who lives in Thailand. Then the family went to church while I stayed home with Ellie. When everyone got back, we opened presents.

My sister Sydney with our niece Violet (who is "smiling" for the camera)

Also, we made Christmas cookies. Jason made George Washington.

We also had a photoshoot with Ellie. My mom works at a company that makes costumes for little kids and matching costumes for dolls (18-inch dolls, like American Girls). My mom bought a couple little doll dresses, and Ellie fit in them! So here she is being a princess. :)

So sleeeepy. :)

I love this one because she looks so scandalized, like we walked in on her changing or something.

Holy cow, I love her.

And here she is in between dresses, just being adorable like usual.

So yeah, sorry this is almost a month late, but that's what we did for Christmas!

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  1. So fun! And I love the princess dresses. She's such a sweet, pretty little girl! Iris always smiles big at all her pictures =)
    Love, Lanette


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