Friday, December 23, 2011

Pictures of Ellie

So, I already posted some of these on Facebook, but here are a couple of my favorite pictures of Ellie. :)

She's doing really good. When we were discharged from the hospital last Friday, the pediatrician told us to get her bilirubin levels checked at the hospital lab on Sunday because they were a bit high. He also told us to come in for a one-week check up on Wednesday for the same reason. Well, we actually had to get her bilirubin levels check three times (Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday) until they finally started coming down. But now they're normal, so yay! And at her one-week appointment on Wednesday, the pediatrician said that everything's looking great. Ellie's actually already back up to her birth weight (newborns lose some weight the first week), which usually takes a couple more weeks. Honestly, this doesn't surprise me or Jason at all, because she eats a TON. She just loooves to eat. Just like her mom and dad. :)

 We love her soooooo much!


  1. She's so so soooo cute! And so tiny! So glad her bilirubin levels are good, and so so so happy for you!

  2. Please come and visit me on a Sunday with your new baby... I work all week, but would love to see you and family.
    -Melanie (your cousin)


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