Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Random things from this week

This photo's actually from (quite) a while ago, but I love it and have never posted it yet. 
This was on BYU campus, behind the JFSB near the Smith Fieldhouse stairs.

  • I got my eyes examined at the eye doctor's a couple days ago. My right eye is farsighted (+150) (which I've known for a long time) and my left eye is nearsighted (-125) (which I haven't known).  The doctor said that's really rare and they only see eyes like mine two or three times a year. I'm special!!! I have super-power vision.
  • P.S. My sister and my dad have eyes like mine, too. So super powers run in our genes.
  • And this has got me thinking, do you guys play favorites with your body parts? I've always liked my right eye more than my left one (even all this time when I knew my right eye was farsighted and I thought my left eye was normal) and I've always liked my left arm a lot more than my right one (it's got way cooler freckle formations. And I feel like I know it better. My left arm is like a good friend, my right arm is kind of like an awkward acquaintance I remember about sometimes).
  • Okay, moving on. Thanksgiving was great! We made banana bread and apple crisp, and then went with my family (Mom, Stefan, Sydney, Diana, and Austin) to my aunt and uncle's house in Alpine. It was sooo fun to spend the day with everyone; I seriously love my aunt and uncle and my cousins (and, of course, my immediate family). Dinner was delicious, and we played some fun games with them afterward. It was a great day.
  • Black Friday: Jason and I totally weren't planning on going anywhere; we don't like the crowds and the general effort to get you to buy so much stuff. But, I do need a new phone, and Jason happened to see that the one we've been planning on getting me (normally $130) was on sale at Target for $50. So, we ventured out at a pretty safe hour (about 11 in the morning) and were able to get it. The crowds were a lot better than I was expecting. Yes, it was crowded, but everyone was very polite. So it was a good experience all around.
  • Right after Target, while we were in the area, we drove by the Orem Community Hospital. That's where I'm planning to deliver, and we wanted to check it out and make sure we knew how to get there.
  • Jason and I got an apartment in St. George! We are very excited about this. Jason's internship starts on January 2nd, and we've been planning to move down to St. George the week after Christmas (more specifically, Dec. 29th). The only problem has been...we didn't have anywhere to move to. Which, you know, is bad considering that's a month from today and we'll have a newborn. We have been scouring the internet trying to find some place that fit our budget, was for rent at the end of December, and was relatively close to Dixie Regional Medical Center (where Jason has his internship). And nothing! There's been nothing. The problem is that people would post apartments available THE SAME DAY THEY'RE POSTING THEM. So, you couldn't possibly plan ahead. But, finally, finally, yesterday we found something! It's right in our budget, it's big (3 bed, 1.5 bath - much bigger than we were looking for!), we can move in end of December, it's got a washer and dryer (which I am sooo excited about), and it's literally two blocks from Jason's internship! So he can ride his bike most days, and I'll still be able to drive places in our car if I need to. We are so happy. We already applied yesterday, got approved, and signed the contract. We are seriously so relieved and excited.

And that's all the random news updates I can think of! :)


  1. so happy the apartment worked out! it sounds awesome!!! and now I really want to go find that sign...i've never seen it before. What the heck is it supposed to mean? angels cross there?

  2. you are hilarious. and congrats on the apartment!! too bad you haven't moved already - we could have stopped to see you on our way to utah... bummer. that's exciting that you'll be closer to home though. :)

  3. So glad you found an apartment! I have to tell you, the entire left side of my body has given me so much grief and pain recently, that my favorite baby half is the right one!

  4. Yay for finding an apartment...that you will like too! =)

  5. Thanks everyone! Jill - it was a regular pedestrian crossing sign, but someone had stuck the wing sticker on it so it looks like an angel. :)


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