Monday, November 21, 2011

36 Weeks & the Quiet Book

Hi everyone!

Guess what? Bum ba da dum (that's a trumpet) - today I'm 36 weeks pregnant! That's eight full months! Which means, my friends, that my due date is exactly four weeks away. Yay! We're so excited. We're going to have our baby with us so soon! I'm trying to get everything together and ready now for when she gets here.

Tomorrow I start my once-a-week doctor appointments. I'm excited about that. So far it's usually been once a month, and the last two times it was every two weeks. Now we're so close I go in once a week! And I've finished my prenatal class. I definitely feel more prepared than I did, but I still feel so unready. I've never had a newborn before; am I going to know what to do? She's going to be all fragile and breakable - what if I break her? What if I do something wrong? What if I'm bad at everything? Logically, I know that everything will work out just fine, but I'm still nervous.

Sorry I haven't posted anything in the past couple weeks. I've actually been super busy working on a new project, and wanted to finish it all before I posted any pictures of it. I've made - bum ba da dum (that's another trumpet) - a quiet book!

Aren't you just so curious to know what each of those pages is?

For those of you unfamiliar with quiet books, they're soft books made mostly of fabric that have different activities your kids can play with during times they need to be quiet (like church). I know that me and Jason's baby hasn't even been born yet, but I figure this is the perfect time to get started. I'm sure I was able to get far more done right now than when I actually have a baby to take care of.

I got the idea from my friend Jill, who's also making one. We (my siblings and I) had quiet books that our Mom made when we were kids, and I loved them. So, whenever Jill would mention her project, I got this huge desire to make one too.  I started finding lots of ideas online on blogs, and basically built my pinterest account on quiet book pages that I liked. And then I got busy!

Everyday for the next week, I'll be posting pictures of each page of my quiet book, with a big final summary post of the whole book at the end. The only thing I haven't done is bind it - I'm having trouble finding metal rings that are big enough. But, I hope you forgive me for that and, in the meantime, enjoy all the different pages I've made!

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  1. I've been so excited to see this for so long!!! The suspense is killing me =)


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