Monday, October 31, 2011

Stiffy ghosts and pumpkins!

Hola! So remember how my friends and I made that Autumn banner like a month ago? Well, we made even more fun fall crafts a couple weeks ago: Stiffy ghosts and fabric pumpkins. They were both really easy to make.

This is all we needed for the ghosts (there are lots of tutorials online if you want to try them yourself): cheesecloth, Stiffy fabric stiffener, scissors, plastic wrap, tape, a cup, wire (for the arms), and a grocery bag (for the head, all balled up and wrapped in plastic wrap).

Here are my ghosts after they'd dried and I'd taken them off of their little mannequin (made out of plastic cups and wire) things:

And with their faces:

Ta da! It's been fun having them around the house; they're so friendly and smiley when I walk into different rooms.

The pumpkins were easy too. We used the tutorial found here (with a few modifications): Squash Softies. You only need fabric, a stem (a.k.a. stick you find outside), some stuffing (we used plastic grocery bags), thread, a needle, and a hot glue gun. Here's how to make them:

1. Cut a fabric circle for each pumpkin. We made different size circles, which gave us different sized pumpkins. The big pumpkins were 17-18 inch diameter circles, the middle sized ones 12 inch diameter, and the little one 8 inches.

2. Thread the needle and knot the thread several inches from the end. Sew wide stitches around the edge of the circle (about 1/2 inch from the edge). Holding one end of the thread, pull the other end so that the fabric gathers. Stuff grocery bags inside.

3. Set the stem in the hole, and pull the thread to cinch the fabric around it. We used hot glue inside the hole to help firmly set the stem. Tie the thread off and cut off the excess. And you're done!

I really love my pumpkins, especially the orange leafy one. And the burlap one. :) (I know that's two out of three, and I should probably include the little red one in my favorable assessment as to not hurt its feelings, but I really do love each of the other two more. Sorry, little red one. Stay strong.)

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