Thursday, October 13, 2011

I made a pillow!

And it is a beautiful, beautiful pillow and I love it so much.

When my friend Jill and I were at Joann's Fabrics a couple weeks ago, I saw this one fabric that I instantly fell in love with. Which is weird for me, because that never happens. I'm never like, I love this THING and I must HAVE IT. But I LOVED that fabric and had to DO SOMETHING with it. And so, standing there in the aisle, clutching the beautiful, wonderful fabric I had found, I thought, I'll make a pillow! And it will be a wonderful pillow. And every year at fall we will bring out the pillow, and it will be the fall pillow. And thus it was.

I made the pillow using a combination of the instructions found here and here. I mostly used the first page, except for I stuffed the pillow using batting (like in the second tutorial) instead of another pillow (like in the first tutorial). I got the batting from, well... let's just say I don't have a pillow on my bed anymore. (It was old and cheap anyway, and I've been wanting a new one). I also did not use buttons like the first tutorial, but I did get some brown bias tape piping for the edges (which I think add a really nice element to the pillow).

And here it is!

Sewing sewing sewing...

It's hungry for more batting

All done except for hand-sewing the final opening closed

To close, I used the "invisible stitch" found on this page.

All done!



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