Monday, October 31, 2011

Family Talents

Happy Halloween! As I was compiling the pictures from this last week, I realized that they all showcased different family member's talents in one way or another.

First of all, did you guys know that Jason is an amazing artist? He is. I should seriously show you some of the stuff he did in high school. He's amazing. And every year, he does an amazing pumpkin carving. Remember his pumpkin from last year? I sure do. And this, my friends, is the incredible piece of art that he made this year:

It's the house from Up! Isn't it amazing? And look at that detail! Holy cow, I have a talented husband. Seriously.

It's sitting next to, of course, my traditional smiley pumpkin. Man, I love seeing that guy every year.

Next, we have my mom. She is an incredible seamstress. All my life she's made us (and our friends!) Halloween costumes, various outfits, and fancy dresses for school dresses or weddings. She even got a job earlier this year for a company that makes costumes for little kids, and she's great at it. She started high, and she's already been promoted.

This year, she made my sister Sydney a Yip Yip costume. And it is awesome. Good job for Sydney for thinking of such a great costume, and wow for my mom for pulling it off.

Sydney looks awesome in her costume.

And, finally, I did my best to make costumes for me and Jason this year. We're Pacha and his wife Chicha from The Emperor's New Groove. We went with it because we love the movie and because Chicha is very, very pregnant. So it works!

So, that's how we've prepared for Halloween this year. Happy trick-or-treating tonight!



  2. I agree with the above comment! Jason's pumpkin is incredible! And yours is cute :) Your mom! So impressed! And holy cow, you did a fantastic job on those costumes! What a great idea!

  3. Ah, that's awesome! I love it! Emperor's New Groove is amazing.


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